Is There Any Legit Stuffing Envelope Jobs

Is there really any Legit Stuffing Envelope Jobs? the answer from my view is yes, but stuffing envelopes is not what it’s all cracked up to be theres many fees and commitments a person must make if he or she is willing to take on such a business venture. The key word i want you to remember is business venture.

I had a friend and she told me that she was reading the newspaper and saw and add that said

“Envelope Stuffers Needed
$5000 a month and up
Send a letter with $10
for more information”

So she sent them the money, she then told me actually this is when she called to tell me that she was very disappointed that they sent her booklet with all these places to call, the places to call were all long distance numbers and most of them required a registration fee to even be considered for the stuffing envelops position, as well in the packet she was required to buy supplies in order to get started.

When she told me all of this I came to the conclusion that infact stuffing envelopes was not a Job it was a business. I suspect if you wish to get into the stuffin envelopes business you will have to go through something simular which in my opinion would not be worth it. most people are interested in the opprotunity as a comfortable work at home job on the side but as a business where you have be dedicated to it I dont think much people would pursue this business.

Also if you do decide to pursue this type of business beware it’s very very competitive and you will be competing with experienced and corporate business it will be a very tough hill to climb just to be making $500 a month, I’ve done the research and to me it’s very undesirable especially with all the work at home jobs available online these days.

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