Let’s Unpack The Revelation that Vaccinated People Now Account for Majority of COVID Deaths, Mainstream Media propaganda, Donald Trump vote buying along with Anthony Fauci’s incompetence – November 26, 2022,

As Donald Trump makes his second attempt to be President of the United States once again, it’s important that we RELIVE Covid-19 and his handling of the situation. First and foremost, allow me to be fair to Donald Trump by first stating the obvious, the media did not give him a fair shake, but on the flip side to this, Trump INVITED any type of press he could find.

American showman and circus owner Phineas T. Barnum (PT Barnum) made the legendary quote, “any publicity is good publicity.” But PT Barnum was in the private sector when it was claimed that he said this; a lot of Donald Trump’s marketing tactics worked well in the private sector; however, entering the PUBLIC sector, “any publicity is NOT good publicity.”

When you’re a successful public servant, people no longer VOLUNTEER themselves to your products or services; they’re now being FORCED to consume your products and services, so although Trump can find logical justifications for his often wreckless behavior, the truth of the matter is that when the pressure was on Donald Trump succumbed to the pressure.

Even Trump’s own senior advisor advised Trump to fire Fauci but refused, imagining that firing Fuaci would have turned Fauci into a martyr. Potentially causing Trump the 2020 election?

The real reason Trump didn’t fire Fauci: It would have turned him into a ‘martyr’
| youtube

Former Trump senior adviser Jason Miller has revealed on Sky News Australia the former president decided not to sack Dr Anthony Fauci because he didn’t want him to become a “martyr”.

In the past few months information has been revealed about Dr Fauci’s involvement in funding scientific research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Mr Miller reiterated calls for Dr Fauci’s sacking but defended Mr Trump’s decision not to.

“Dr Fauci would have been elevated on this magical plateau as if he were some demigod that came down from the sky in the eyes of the US media,” Mr Miller said.

“I think President Trump realised that Dr Fauci was a voice in the process, he would be lifted to the all-powerful voice and that probably wouldn’t have been the smartest strategy.”

Turns out by hook or by crook, Trump lost the 2020 election anyway, and it actually took Rand Paul getting out of his comfort zone to get Dr. Fauci to finally retire. One could argue that Dr. Fauci likely knew about the high death rates amongst the VACCINATED long before we were told, and he’s making sure to remove himself from the situation before he becomes the target of lawsuits.

But Donald Trump, in my opinion foolishly is entering back into the Lion’s Den of politics during a time in which the Vaccinations he’s so proud of via Operation Warp speed appear to have been a DUD, and a complete waste of money, not only for the American taxpayer but worldwide.

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Credit should be due to Trump, however, for the Ventilators, and other things he did to help save American lives, but the Vaccines, appear to have been a waste in resources as the same types of people who were dying from influenza appear to have been dying from Covid-19. The elderly as well as those with preexisting conditions and obesity are still the targeted group dying from covid-19, which again is an indication that more CALM was needed.

In Italy, we can’t forget that it was actually the initial response by the medical professionals that led to all of those deaths. It’s unfortunate that things happened the way they did, and we have to learn from them; after all, we had never known of this virus before. In New York, the political leadership made a similar mistake as Italy in their RESPONSE to covid-19 virus outbreak.

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The people most AT RISK should have been given not only priority, but more COMMONSENSE was needed; why commonsense was not allowed regarding Covid-19 was that the mainstream media, along with social media, not only stole the narrative but embraced ANYBODY who appeared to challenge Trump’s authority.

Censorship, as of the time I’m writing this has become normalized; social media even censored a sitting U.S president, but why this was ALLOWED to happen was because Donald Trump thought ‘any publicity is good publicity, so he EMPOWERED Twitter; I want to also make mention that I’ve ALWAYS thought of Twitter as a HORRIBLE investment, that is heavily reliant on Zero Percent Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP), Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft I give credit where it’s due regardless of their politics, I see the VALUE in those companies.

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But Facebook and Twitter? You can’t get me to invest in those two platforms because I still see Twitter as a n example as a BENEFICIARY of Zero Interest rate Policy, and why I bring this up is because Donald Trump’s greatest economy ever was heavily dependent on ZIRP. Love him or hate him, I have yet to hear Joe Biden calling out Jerome Powell for raising interest rates on him.

Yes, I’ll agree that Donald Trump had a better economy than Joe Biden because Trump wasn’t dumb enough to make phasing out fossil fuels a part of his economic platform. Still, if you’re Trump and you have the greatest economy, the world has ever known, why would care about higher interest rates? Shouldn’t savers be winners too? Should the greatest economy ever be okay with a few basis point hikes?

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But you see, Trump attacking Powell for raising interest rates was emblematic of Trump’s COWARDESS, or sensitivity, and actually played into the narrative the Media was trying to convey that Trump was a Demagogue. Immorality breeds immorality, and as I like to point out, the first chance Trump got he engaged in vote buying, sending Americans checks in the mail in hopes Americans would vote for him in record numbers.

Well, turns out if an American president is going to make it rain, Americans prefer the free money come for a Democrat, and because Trump allowed Dr. Fauci the power of the bully pulpit and lockdowns and masks were normalized, MAIL-IN-VOTING basically won Joe Biden the presidency.

Now, if Trump had pushed back early on, Mail-In voting likely wouldn’t have happened the way it did because if there were no free money issued by the Trump administration, there wouldn’t be LOCKDOWNS; instead, there may have been bankruptcies, but we don’t even know if that would have happened, because a lot of people only did what the GOVERNMENT told them to do.

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To this very day, the U.S. State of Florida continues to thrive ECONOMICALLY, and it was basically the most open-for-business State during the pandemic. All of a sudden, Ron DeSantis is a realistic presidential candidate, and the reason Ron is so popular is that as an example, he does NOT have Twitter fingers; Ron DeSantis doesn’t imagine ‘any publicity is good publicity so it’s a much more difficult task for the media to portray Ron DeSantis as anything more than what he is.

Trump’s larger-than-life personality invites larger-than-life criticisms, which constantly puts the Republican Party on the DEFENSIVE. Now, that Fauci is leaving politics, and the truth about the TRUMP vacines are being revealed, Trump could be setting himself up for disaster

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Sometimes you have to know when to exit; I’d argue Fauci is exiting the POLITICAL arena at the perfect time because the evidence is starting to mount that things were handled incorrectly, and a lot of resources were WASTED, a huge contributor to that waste is Donald Trump, who allowed Fauci to flourish under his watch.

White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci to step down in December after more than 50 years of public service
| cnbc.com

It was very strange to me that influenza deaths fell off a cliff once Covid-19 was all the rage; I remind you that long before Covid-19 was a thing, record numbers of people were dying from the FLU. Now, I’m not calling the Flu and Covid-19 the same thing, but some argued that the common cures for the flu should have been considered for Covid-19, at least amongst the people NOT at risk of death.

But the censorship crowd didn’t allow this to happen, and because Trump often behaved like a child, he was treated like one as the president. The mere fact that Trump allowed Twitter to cancel him when he should have left the platform the moment it became hostile to him tells me the maturity level of the man. I was hopeful for trump I thought he could have SHRUNK the size of government and enacted policies that promoted Liberty and Freedom; instead, in practice, Trump was the opposite; social and mainstream media are now more POPULAR than ever.

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I personally still see TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook as junk. I also see Tesla Inc. as replaceable; a lot of companies, in my opinion, are the beneficiaries of ZIRP, I also consider the GLOBAL response to Covid-19 as a beneficiary of ZIRP, and I hope we never return to zero interest rate policy again as in my opinion, it leads to death and destruction. Our time on this planet is short, we as a human family need to be more EFFICIENT with resources and we can only do this if we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, no more censorship, and No more financing people and entities that want to censor people, they disagree with.

Vaccinated People Now Account for Majority of COVID Deaths
| yahoo.com

Interesting times ahead!