LGNProsperity.com Review Is It a Scam

Looking at this product from my perspective it’s not worth the time or the money, when I see matrixes, HYIP’s and MLM’s I can’t help but say to myself if only people knew. It also makes me wonder do people even care to know.  I will tell you the biggest lesson that most people never give any thought to… “If you don’t know what to do with your money, there’s always somebody who does”. When I see these 2 x 2, 3 x 3 matrix schemes I can’t help but shake my head.

If I’ve said this once I’ve said this a thousand times, when it comes to doing business online you DO NOT need to join someone else’s system. The internet is an ocean of money but the only way you’re going to get in on the action is if you get your feet wet, and the only way to get your feet wet is to learn Internet Marketing. If you don’t learn Internet Marketing you will always be dependent on someone to make you money online.

LGN Prosperity is a 2 x2 matrix in James Ward’s bio found at LGNProsperity.com he takes shots at MLM’s(Multi-Level Marketing) as if a Matrix is any better. Matrixes and MLM’s are like cousins and if you were to understand internet marketing and make money doing internet marketing you would soon see like me how really dumb these things really are. When it comes to MLM’s and Matrix’s the only person that wins every time is the house in LGN Prosperity.com’s case the person that would be winning is “James Ward”.

In a matrix scheme the CEO is the only one that is guaranteed to get paid, sure he’ll paint the picture that anyone and everyone can paid but the truth is with any pyramid looking scheme only the owners and the people at the top make the money.

How much does LGN Prosperity cost???

This is the hilarious part LGN Prosperity to date (February 15, 2010) costs a onetime payment of $299.99, if you watched the video of how to make $777.00( I think it was) well that’s how you make the money.  I mean some of you might say yea that’s great and that’s good for you. But how I see it is first you join and also before you join be sure to read the “terms and conditions” which will tell you that you have to market LGN Prosperity on your own.

Why I think MLM’s and Matrix schemes are the wrong choice

Writing about this makes me want to scream and tell people stop falling for these stupid things but I understand most of you don’t understand how it works so I will explain briefly unless you’re doing Freebies, surveys, or getting paid to read emails you’re going to have to learn some sort of internet marketing in order to get paid. Now some of you might say you don’t need to learn internet marketing in a”HYIP (high yield investment)” yes that’s true but if you joined a HYIP it shows me your desperate. Now in terms of really understanding internet marketing if you were to understand internet marketing you thought towards MLM’s or Matrix schemes would most likely switch to “why don’t I start my own”.

Remember this is online you can easily become an affiliate of a bunch programs and then create your own MLM or Matrix scam I mean scheme. I know this is going over a lot of your heads but there’s no other way for me to explain it. When I see these things I honestly feel sorry people who join them. To me it’s like walking into a police station paying a fine and then telling the officers take me to jail. I am an internet marketer I would never pay someone to sell their business. Understand what I mean. People pay me to sell their business it’s not supposed to work the other way around.

These MLM’s and Matrix schemes are in my opinion pure sales pitches; they get people with their fancy word play and avoid talking about the actual facts. And the fact is “why should I Pay you to work for you” sure they promote freedom on their sales page but once you join you have to find recruits on your own a spill over can’t happen unless new recruits are brought in and the person responsible for bringing in new recruits is YOU

As an Internet Marketer I don’t have that problem. Only thing I have to think about is how to get sales, that’s it! it stop there, I never think about getting recruits also when you get a recruit your responsible for training that person so in reality your basically doing all the hard work for LGN Prosperity all the stuff you do under an MLM or Matrix system are things the owner should be doing. To me it just sounds dumb. None the less what doesn’t make sense to me might make perfect sense to you. So I wish you all the best in whatever decision you make.

My Personal Recommendation

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