The Liberal government of Canada is giving tax breaks to consumers who subscribe to Canadian digital news websites! – March 20, 2019

I have to be honest, personally I think Justin Trudeau is a clueless moron, I also think Chrystia Freeland means well, but isn’t in the right line of work, but when it comes to Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau I genuinely don’t like the guy, I don’t know him, but the mere sight of him, makes my skin crawl, which is weird because on the surface he appears to be a decent man, he even adopted a child from Africa I believe.

That aside umm, yeah, it’s like Trudeau’s Liberals don’t even give a f*ck, I genuinely think they’re approaching politics with the same reckless abandon as Pierre Trudeau. It wouldn’t surprise me if Bill Morneau and Justin Trudeau did Cocaine, because I seriously can’t believe the details of their 2019 budget. Can what they’re doing be any more blatant? Sure I know there’s a lot of crap in the new budget but I wanted to focus on tax breaks to consumers who subscribe to Canadian digital news websites? Because this kind of sums it up for how the Liberals see the economy. No, it’s not that the world is changing businesses should change with it, it’s more like the Liberal Party of Canada is making a blatant attempt to centrally plan the economy and as long as you allow yourself to be brainwashed we’ll throw you biscuits!

The National Post, which includes the Finacial Post, I’ve observed had begun to step up their games, equally I saw Global News stepping up ow they reported their news, sure it appears to be short-lived, but it’s clear to me that if Canadian media wants to be competitive they can be, the problem is of course that Canadian media is complacent, because well, CBC the State-owned Crown Corporation wins no matter what and similar to Canada Post’s monopoly over any and all courier services, most of the Canadian media outside the CBC is complacent with simply being number 2 at best.

In America, UPS is competitive, US courier services were they can be, will be competitive, in Canada, any non-postal service doesn’t even bother to try and take market share away from Canada Post, even if they could. Why? Because simple legislation and the Crown Corporation wins! In the United States, Fox News and all the Leftist and Center-Left news organizations fight like hell for market share, Americans love talk radio so for many if Fox News isn’t supplying the much needed political Right side of the argument, Rush Limbaugh will fill the void.

In the world of democracy, you need that balance, hear both sides of the story, listen carefully, critique yourself allow the people you disagree with to voice their opinion. The CBC article below is neutral lacking any substance, which is why they shouldn’t be a Crown Corporation, the Financial Post article on the other has some life to it, it’s an opinion piece, but hey it at least some effort was brought forth.

The budget and you: What Morneau’s spending plan means to households’ bottom lines – CBC

It’s official: The Trudeau Liberals have zero interest in ever balancing a budget –

There’s a myth that interest rates will stay put near zero, the warning signs of changing economy are blinking, deficits have this way of… you know what if you can’t see the obvious you can review my 100+ dated posts when the economic changes arrive, because things are going to get really bad for a large number of us Canadians.

Interestingtimes ahead.