Liberal Party of Canada move to axe mandatory minimums for some gun offenses

Liberal Party of Canada move to axe mandatory minimums for some gun offenses

Liberal Lawlessness: Liberal Party of Canada move to axe mandatory minimums for some gun offenses? Correctional Officer Shortages, Law Abiding Gun Owners Feel The Heavy Hand of Government – December 8, 2021,

The theory behind the separation of church and state was the freedom to choose, western values revolved around FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES that most law-abiding citizens assumed would get better with time, instead what we’re observing is the State attempting to become God, picking who is welcomed in their heaven and who is not.

Law-abiding gun owners aren’t mass shooters or gang bangers even if they weren’t any gun controls in Canada, law-abiding gun owners wouldn’t hurt anyone that didn’t have it coming, the good guys don’t go looking for trouble. You have to be a good person to abide by any law, obeying any law is optional and you should seriously consider watching the video below, namely the portion of the video in which Justice Minister David Lametti talks about a person shooting into a wall and getting 4 years in prison?

In Toronto, the people who usually shot at walls are gang bangers who have illegal guns and usually miss their targets hitting a wall. Now, of course, when they face a judge, they or their lawyers are going to present their case in a manner that will lessen their sentences “No, judge, I was drunk and my illegal gun that belonged to someone I knew, went off by accident hitting a wall”

Justice Minister David Lametti joins Power & Politics to discuss Bill C-5, which proposes ending mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences and some gun-related crimes.
Mandatory minimum penalties ‘just don’t work,’ says justice minister | CBC

a law-abiding gun owner doesn’t do things like this, and even if they did, it’s only a crime of damaging private property if the building they’re shooting at doesn’t belong to them. The government criminalized law-abiding Canadians to score political points and as we all know there’s a growing correctional officer shortage while crimes in Canada are creeping up.

The growing correctional officer shortage problem in Canada

There’s a correctional officer shortage problem in America and that’s one of the many reasons the United States has gotten creative with prisons, I believe America has private prisons, maybe they’ve been shut down by now, I’m not sure, but I know one of the ways America got around their correctional officer problem was the creation or allowance of private prisons.

With all the silly regulations on the U.S economy, obviously, someone came up with the idea to make prisoners productive and profitable, now even I have to admit that if I were a criminal and I could make a few cents on a dollar to work instead of being coupled up in a prison cell all day, depending on the circumstances (because I don’t know how their private jail system works), if presented with the option, I might consider being moved to a private prison.

In Canada, to my knowledge, there isn’t a private prison system and the Canadian government has completely destroyed the market economy. Canada is so fortunate to be bordered with the United States along with the privilege of having world reserve currency status because a lot of useless governments jobs are paying a lot more money than ESSENTIAL government services.

Guards at 60% of workforce; inmates suffer daily with lockdown, mental health issues

Staff shortages plague Mission Institution following recovery from COVID-19 outbreak |

Correctional officers are an essential service, but the pay is ridiculously low, why? Because they don’t have prominent lobbyist representation, because after all, who thinks about a correctional officer? All of this ties into a Canadians right to defend themselves from the criminal element. Now, even I admit that protecting one’s property or life can be messy at times, but if Canadians have to actually pay for government services with higher taxes, they’d refuse, which is why governments run deficits and use inflation to pay for things.

This rule by fiat money system hides problems in the economy and as we all know the lobbyist groups for criminals have been trying to break the criminal justice codes since they had a voice criminals are a good weapon for socialists to use to reign terror on societies.

When you’re in fear of your life, you’re usually willing to give up more of your freedoms and liberties to the government. That’s how this works and that’s how great civilizations are destroyed. So if there’s a larger loophole for criminals, criminals will start to break the law even more and as we know in America, eventually there becomes a business of social justice, meaning that there are lobby groups for criminals who do certain crimes.

There were 900 lockdowns in Ontario’s provincial jails due to staff shortages last year, a figure that has more than tripled since 2009.

Lockdowns soaring in Ontario jails due to staff shortages |

I think in New York and California, the criminal lobby groups became so influential that certain crimes that used to warrant years in prison, now require the perpetrator at best to pay a fine. So what does this mean exactly? Well, from a common-sense perspective, it might mean that law-abiding gun owners, stop obeying gun control laws, now by that I don’t mean they start shooting people, I mean they might stop registering their firearms or registering all their firearms because what the Liberals are doing is setting precedence, which then puts into play civil rights.

If having an illegal firearm gets you a slap on the wrist, then why register your firearm? Officer says “That gun is illegal,” perpetrator says “That gun isn’t mine” if there’s a precedence that states this or that person got probation or was only hit with a fine for having an illegal firearm whereas a law-abiding gun owner has to pay fees and go through all sorts of government background checks, people will start to do the math.

“We’ve got inexperienced officers training other inexperienced officers, and makes it difficult,” he said.

‘Not nearly enough’: new corrections officer hires won’t fill gaps in northwestern Ontario jails | CBC

I personally don’t interact with cops that much, so what’s the likelihood I get stopped? Now, if I’m a registered gun owner, I’m harassed by the cops. I hope you understand the point I’m trying to make here. I’m not telling anyone to break any laws, but the criminal mind anticipates the punishment for the crime, if the government makes it more favorable to be a criminal, and let’s say there’s an increase in criminal behavior based on ending mandatory minimums?

The government is setting itself up for a massive headache and in case you’re not catching the FULL CIRCLE of my argument, THERE’S A CORRECTIONS OFFICER’S SHORTAGE! Yes I pointed to my province, but this is clearly a FEDERAL problem, Ontario is Canada’s most populated province and if this is a problem here I can only imagine the problems facing The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC)

Justice Minister David Lametti joins Power & Politics to discuss Bill C-5, which proposes ending mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences and some gun-related crimes.
Mandatory minimum penalties ‘just don’t work,’ says justice minister | CBC

Interesting times ahead!