Liberal Nutcase Steven Guilbeault named environment and climate change minister of Canada, “Environmentalists” have made investors in fossil fuels a lot of money – October 26, 2021,

So Justin Trudeau recently did a cabinet shuffle, Steven Guilbeault is now the climate change minister, and chances are he’ll find something else to regulate and do his part to destroy Western Canada and Canada’s fossil fuels industry. Will he be successful? Probably, but I’m not entirely sure how long Canada has before inflation really starts to take off. What’s that you say? Have I not seen prices? Of course, I have, but, that’s not the inflation many of us are expecting, recently a whole bunch of Canadians lost their UBI in the form of Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB), and well, if Steven Guilbeault does anything to the fossil fuel industry in Canada, the price of energy is going to get more expensive, while Canadians potentially see a decline in their earnings.

Now, even if let’s say the Liberals find a way to artificially raise wages, there will be little they can do about the prices for things Canadians import. Energy is something Canadians will have to spend more money importing if Steven Guilbeault decides to regulate Canada’s energy sector even more. So it’s going to be pretty interesting to observe the next few years.

The Bank of Canada is talking about raising interest rates, but raising interest rates and normalizing interest rates are two very different things, raising interest rates could be used as a means to push them down even further in the future. At this point, the thing to watch is the cost of living because Canada is heavily dependent on imports and I personally don’t trust Canada’s trade deficit numbers, they’re very deceiving. I think the number is way higher than 23 billion USD

Consider watching and listening to the video below, and tell me it doesn’t sound like we’ve entered a bizarro world!

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Canadian exports are heavily reliant on fossil fuels, we’re not at this gree revolution stage, and because Steven Guilbeault has lived a rather privileged life, I can imagine he sees destroying the fossil fuel industry as a bit of a challenge, so I personally believe that Steven Guilbeault will go to war with Fossil Fuels and probably win, but at what cost? I personally think the cost of this fossil Fuel war Steven Guilbeault will wage is going to lead to rampant inflation, which could trigger a spike in interest rates. It’s something I’m curious to watch! Everything about the Canadian economy right now screams hyperinflation!

If you’re investing in fossil fuels, you’ll want to consider putting some money in these failed renewable schemes, these carbon credits and carbon offsets corporatists schemes are set to take off and at the very least you’ll want to monitor their behavior. I recommend contacting a financial advisor if you have one and buying some of these “investments”.

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Interesting times ahead