The Liberal Party of Canada Not Nearly as Extreme as Joe Biden’s Democrat Party: Canadian Liberals endorse a universal basic income, reject capital gain tax hike – April 11, 2021,

As a business person, I have to call it for what it is, with the exception of Steven Guilbeault who is coming after our freedom of speech and expression, I’ve personally so far at least for now felt minimal effects of Justin Trudeau’s reckless spending. I don’t speak for the rest of Canada, however, because as an example homelessness is on the rise in my province of Ontario and the cost of living is reaching unsustainable levels, pre UBI.

But it’s very rare that I hear about the Liberals coming after my PRODUCTIVE wealth. In America, Joe Biden is going after Americans’ productive wealth, which is what a dumb politician does when they overtly raise taxes. I comprehend the whole argument inflation is a tax, but it’s only a tax if you don’t know how to navigate your way around it.

If you’re a homeowner in Canada, and the value of your home is rising, you’re avoiding the inflation tax. I’m in the markets, so when I go shopping I expect to see higher prices because well, many of my fellow countrymen embrace this silly idea called a Universal Basic Income.

Now, I’ve been arguing for years that from a Provincial standpoint, Social assistance or Ontario Works, whatever the hell they call provincial welfare these days is basically a Universal Basic Income, in fact, I’d argue provincial welfare is better than a Universal Basic Income because the recipients often get free housing, free electricity, they’re incentivized to have more kids to get more free money, so you’ll see a bunch of kids running around in these welfare housing projects because more children equate to a larger government check.

People in Ontario give to a lot of food banks, so you’ll even see obesity in both the children and the parents in these government housing projects, they get free hot and cold water because apparently, it’s a right, a stove, a fridge, PARKING if they have a car(yes some of these poor welfare people have cars too) oh yeah and Universal health care, I know right we’ve had it so long Canadians feel like it’s free.

I remember being in Sunnybrook hospital and I believe some welfare Queen just had a child and she was chatting on her iPhone about how to get more money from the government, ask most people in Toronto and I’m sure they’ve eavesdropped on a few of these welfare queen conversations. Now, I ask the question how are all of these perks, not a Universal Basic Income?

Now, Milton Friedmans Universal Basic Income was something I agreed with, With Milton Friedman he argued, that instead of giving all of these other universal basic incomes, how about we just write these supposedly poor people who refuse to do certain jobs because it’s beneath them a check? I’d get rid of all of those welfares I mentioned to give these welfare people a check, my Universal Basic income would equate to all Canadians not paying any taxes until they worked more than the Universal Basic Income amount.

So lets say UBI is $2000 Canadian Peso per month per individual. (2000 x 12 = $24,000) in my world, no working Canadian pays any taxes until they pass that $24,000 threshold? I’m all ears if that’s what the Liberals are proposing. But get rid of the rest of the welfare programs, please!

Of course, I’m dreaming, that will never happen, most likely this will be an addition to the current welfare programs in existence and what this ultimately equates to is a decline in productivity and a rise in prices. I have friends in Venezuela and despite what many people think, there are a lot of ‘poor’ and lazy people in Venezuela, because prior to the collapse in oil prices a lot of Venezuelans weren’t working.

The Venezuelan government incentivized people not to work and demonized the private sector. Now, this is why I say that at the very least Justin Trudeau’s Liberals aren’t trying to kill the golden goose. Joe Biden and the socialist movement happening in the United States appears to stem from their Latin Immigrant population because most intelligent people understand that you shouldn’t disincentivize the private sector from hoarding political-fiat-dollars.

In Venezuela, as is the case in most communist countries, the government makes its own currency poison to hoard. Although most people like to blame the Federal Reserve for America’s problems, the real problem is the politicians making promises to voters they can’t finance.

So in Canada, let’s imagine for a moment that UBI becomes law, what happens then? What happens in this era is that the cost of living for Canadians living in Canada will become unbearable, however, this doesn’t mean that the Canadian dollar won’t be a tasty bet.

As is the case with American dollars, there are many instances in which Canadian dollars are better spent OUTSIDE of Canada. We’re in a global economy and people who see the MACRO, do better than the people focusing on the micro. Now, as long as the Liberals make Canada a tax sheltering hub, all of this UBI welfare nonsense can be paid for, it’s just don’t expect much of boast in wages, and don’t expect the cost of living to go down, and also you’ll have to expect services will be on the decline, because why work or provide a service when I can stay at home and become an artist(LOL).

For those of us who will continue to work, if UBI exists, my labor ain’t cheap! I’m not doing any additional services I don’t have to unless I’m properly compensated, because, with UBI as I pointed out with Venezuela, a lot of people didn’t have to work, so they didn’t and, they learned to live with a declining standard of living, low lives are low lifes and that’s why Socrates made the argument long ago that voting should be a privilege and not a right! Because low-lifes will vote for the idiot politician who promises them the most free crap.

If I’m not working but I still have food, shelter, and possibly electricity, life is great! Most people will learn to adjust, it’s just that good money will only be available to the people who can afford it. Money is nothing but a form of bartering and once government corrupts the money, the people who understand what’s happening will make the necessary adjustments. If you want UBI, all I will say is be careful what you wish for!

Liberal delegates endorse a universal basic income, reject capital gain tax hike |

Interesting times ahead!