The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Liberal Party of Canada continues to destroy Canada’s Working class: Canadians who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19 could be shut out of unemployment benefits, warns Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough – December 31, 2021

When I began teaching people to work from home I never imagine in a million years that I’d be saving some of them from Government edicts. It appears I was being too short-sighted, because we’re now in an era in Canada, in which the vampires’ fangs have come out and career politicians, many of whom started off in Law are going to war with the most productive members of Canadian society.

I personally did not vote for Justin Trudeau, my vote to Maxime Bernier, but I like to remind Canadians that elections have consequences and now that Canadians have voted for Liberals for another 4 years and the NDP has enough power to make the Conservative Party irrelevant, the Liberals are again governing like the have a majority?

Justin Trudeau got less than 34% of the votes in the last election, Erin O’Toole is more popular in Canada than Justin Trudeau? Yet the Liberals continue to govern as if they’re beloved by most Canadians? Is this a mistake? I’m not sure, I often get politics wrong, what I do understand are the economic consequences of reneging on a promise, you can’t undo what Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough just said and people affected by Trudeau’s approach to Covid-19 aren’t only Conservatives, there are a lot of Left-wing people in that crowd.

I think the number is still about 20% of potential voters are not fully vaccinated, many haven’t even gotten 1 shot. When Stephen Harper lost to Justin Trudeau his problem was that Conservative voters stopped showing up. Recently it was announced that Canada’s working class would have to pay more to CPP and Employment Insurance premiums which is an attack on Canada’s working-class, now they’re going to war with another class of Canadians who were clearly willing to work but the government via regulations made it illegal to do so.

A new year and new hike to CPP premiums— the largest in three decades — to hit Canadians |

Because people tend to have short memories and forget that these stupid ideas that raise the cost of living come from the government and not the private sector, this might have no political consequences but, all signs point to this potentially having economic consequences, namely labor shortages, which can lead to a plethora of other problems.

You get what you vote for, the most corrupt politician in Canadian history was voted in three times, and now that it’s clear revenues are up but economic activity is down, all signs point to economic deflation, which can only be hidden by keeping interest rates low and potentially ore quantitative easing. The problem Canada faces is that economic deflation with lots of EXPENSIVE government regulations tends to equate to consumer price inflation.

Unvaccinated workers who lose jobs ineligible for EI benefits, minister says |

Interesting times ahead