Liberal Party of Canada MP Candidate Granville Anderson said high gas prices might help get people out of their cars – May 25, 2022,

As many of us know Left Wingers want to dictate what can and can’t be said online, and Leftists in power want to censor people they disagree with. When you listen to most left-wingers speak about gas prices higher, they’re usually blaming the private sector and often attempt to excuse the regulations they champion as the reason for the current higher prices at the pump.

If I’m to be honest, as far as Canada is concerned, I don’t think Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax is the root cause of higher gas prices, sure Trudeau makes gas prices more expensive than they’d otherwise be, but the root cause of higher gas prices is current U.S President Joe Biden. As everyone knows, the price of oil is priced in U.S dollars, everyone should also know that most Western Nations have signed onto the Paris Climate accord, which includes caps on drilling, additional costs of doing businesses and basically forcing fossil fuel companies to invest their capital into “green” entities Western governments consider worthy of their wealth redistribution schemes.

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These green schemes are geared towards forcing fossil fuel companies into investing in what the globalists imagine are solutions to climate change. The worst part in all of this is the inconsistencies of the Rhetoric company from the White House, in which Joe Biden’s administration will as an example claim they’re helping oil companies, when in fact they’re as an example denying fossil fuel companies, leases, and permits to drill.

Now, in Canada we don’t refine oil and gas here to a substantial degree, so most of what we sell is exported and this exists not because of Justin Trudeau but because of prior Conservative and Liberal Prime Ministers who have been at war with Western Canada dating back to Pierre Trudeau. I bring this up because the story below only made the rounds because Granville Anderson said what we all knew to be the case out loud


Now, why would Granville Anderson be so reckless with his tongue? It’s because it’s easy to be out of touch when you feel like you have enough support. The mainstream media for the most part has been an echo chamber for Left Wingers. If you only listen to mainstream media in Canada, the spin mainstream media always likes to say is to blame climate change and blame Putin. Furthermore, Canadian media often posts clips of people at gas stations who appear rather docile.

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Now, if you consume this type of content frequently, you may not be aware of the anger Ontarians are feeling by higher gas prices. You have to remember a lot of these politicians aren’t dealing with common people working 9-5 jobs. If you shove a camera in most people’s faces, those people, often won’t express themselves for fear of backlash.

In Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Jagmeet Singh as an example was fearful of his life when a few Canadians hurled mean-spirited WORDS toward him. It was hard for him and people who think like him to comprehend that his political actions were destroying people’s lives. Justin Trudeau went as far as confiscating money without a court order from people who said mean words to him.

When these events happen in which politicians in leadership roles, appear to be in full control of the narrative, other politicians will feel emboldened, almost feeling as though the people they’re hoping to represent are their SUBJECTS.

Liberal candidate says good thing about high gas prices is more people might bike to work |

“Maybe that’s a silver lining and that may allow people to think outside the box and say maybe I better look at seeing if I can ride a bike to work or buy an electric car,” Anderson said on the issue of higher gas prices.

Later in the debate, he again said that high prices might force people to change.

“I think the price could be a lot lower than it currently is. But again, I said that may allow us to think twice and probably find another mode of transportation,” Anderson said.

It’s expected from my point of view that when Liberals and other Leftist politicians feel like they’re winning that they’re going to indeed push their luck. The wind is currently at their sails, what I will say, and I’ve been saying this for quite some time now, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if there won’t soon be a wave of bankruptcies in Canada. In Canada, we also have consumer proposals, which are like bankruptcies, well it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see these numbers increase if energy prices remain this elevated.

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Canadians are some of the most indebted people in the world and in my view, only austerity measures can fix these problems. Because of these new economic barriers to entry create by various levels of government in Canada, these elevated prices in my view will indeed be the new normal, so although what Granville Anderson might sound harsh, if austerity measures are NOT a consideration, I agree, people will have to get creative with their travel.

Now, what Granville Anderson and people like him may not understand is that this will slow economic growth and ultimately put a lot of government jobs at risk. Most people DRIVE to spend money, if they have to let’s say bike or take the bus to work and go shopping, a lot of their TIME will be wasted, a lot of things they’d otherwise do, they won’t do.

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Making matters worse is that the price of housing also can’t come down, building homes take a lot of fossil fuels, and being that the Bank of Canada is disinterested in a normal interest rate policy in fears of a financial collapse, all signs point to a recession and in my opinion, it will take some time before people stat realizing that big government is the problem.

The mood of the country right now is not that Big Government is the problem, people feel like maybe if someone could govern better things will change, well, I’m here to remind the reader, that unless government intervention on the economy shrinks significantly, consumer price inflation is expected rage on.

Interesting times ahead!