Liberals and NDP Power Threatened By Pierre Poilievre: Fearing Defeat; Liberal Government of Canada preparing to drop the COVID-19 vaccine mandate at the border – September 21, 2022,


I’m almost certain that Liberal supporters have been bombarding Liberal MPs about this silly dental care initiative that most Liberal voters DO NOT want, and Justin Trudeau’s team is obviously trying to remedy this situation; if you want to know my opinion, had Jean Charest won the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race, Trudeau would be gearing up for a snap election right now, but that doesn’t mean that Trudeau, still won’t call a Snap election, the difference with Pierre Poilievre vs. Charest is that Trudeau has to attempt to take centrist or swing voters away from Pierre Poilievre.

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In contrast, if Trudeau were facing Jean Charest, the Conservative voters would have likely abandoned the conservative Party, and Trudeau would have to present himself as the better centrist option for swing voters. Although Jagmeet Singh thinks attacking Pierre Poilievre is helping him, it’s actually being used to grow support for Trudeau, because nobody imagines Singh can beat Pierre Poilievre, so what Trudeau is doing preparing to take NDP support away from Jagmeet Singh, which is what I would do in his position.

Liberals and NDP waste no time in attacking Poilievre at the opening of fall session |

Although people like myself know that Consumer Price inflation is the DIRECT result of this silly war on fossil fuels, most Canadians do not believe that. Now that gas prices have TEMPORARILY cooled because demand has dropped, which is a recessionary indicator, people who are ignorant to what’s happening could attribute lower prices at the gas pumps as either Trudeau’s goodwill or simply random events.

Meaning that if Trudeau presents himself as the SAFER alternative, he could have NDP supporters flocking to his defense if he faces off with Pierre Poilievre. Regarding the Liberals potentially not only dropping mandates at the border but also scrapping their draconian technocratic ArriveCAN App, this again will be a tactic by Trudeau to cool the growing demand for a Pierre Poilievre majority government.

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With that said, I still don’t see a path to a majority for Justin Trudeau, he could win another minority government in hopes of forcing the Conservatives to pick a new leader, but I’m not so sure that will work either; I still see an EXTREMELY tight race if Trudeau opts to call a SNAP election, but if I were in Trudeau’s position, I’d simply stop adhering to NDP demands because at this point the NDP is in a very bad spot.

The way I see it is that the NDP will be stuck forming another coalition with the Liberals if Pierre Poilievre becomes the next Prime Minister of Canada, and if you’re Justin Trudeau, this is how you frame your argument to Jagmeet Singh while you’re negotiating with him.

As of the time I’m writing this, everyone is unsure of how popular Pierre Poilievre is or will be in a general election. Still, if Pierre Poilievre manages to beat Justin Trudeau, I see NO path to victory for the NDP with Jagmeet Singh as their leader; when everyone in Canada thinks of the NDP, they think a higher cost of living, meaning that for the NDP to break this stigma, they’ll have to rebrand themselves, likely with a different leader.

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I’ve called Jagmeet Singh Justin Trudeau with Turban several times in this post, and I stand by that claim, so from my point of view, if Pierre Poilievre beats Trudeau, he’s also ending Jagmeet Singh’s political career. I actually think a Pierre Poilievre victory against Trudeau could lead to a future MAJORITY government for the Conservatives, especially if Trudeau steps down. I’ve stated in prior posts that the Liberals have no other viable option to replace Justin.

The way I see things, Justin Trudeau knowing that he won’t win over Conservatives, is now going to focus his attention on trying to win over NDP supporters and independents; either way, I think Jagmeet Singh put himself in a very bad spot! Especially if a snap election is called, the Conservatives win, and the Liberals are the opposition Party.

If Pierre Poilievre is the man that makes Trudeau step down, I would assume the NDP beats the Liberals in the following election, BUT the Conservatives would have a MAJORITY government which to me would mean the end of Jagmeet Singh!

Canada preparing to drop COVID-19 vaccine mandate at border: government sources

The Canadian government is preparing to drop the COVID-19 vaccine mandate at the border by the end of September, multiple government sources have told Global News.

Interesting times ahead!