U.S. defeats Canada in first dispute under new North American trade pact

U.S. defeats Canada in first dispute under new North American trade pact

Liberals called it CUSMA but it’s clearly USMCA: The U.S. defeats Canada’s Communist Supply management system in first dispute under new North American trade pact, Jerry Dias is an idiot – January 4, 2022

Canada’s supply management cartel takes a hit and we’re going to have to see what unfolds from here. I remember seeing Jerry Dias helping Justin Trudeau with “CUSMA” and saying to myself this can’t be good. Jerry Dias, in my opinion, is one of Canada’s great failures, he should be embarrassed that people even know he exists, a good union leader needs to press because the results would speak for themselves.

Jerry Dias has been the worst union leader in the history of this federation and CUSMA is yet another failure he’s associated with. Don’t confuse failure with money, because Jerry Dias makes a lot of money off of all the idiots who allow him to do the negotiations on their behalf. Anyway, I thought it was funny when Justin Trudeau called on Jerry Dias to help him renegotiate NAFTA.

It’s unlikely Jerry Dias even bothered to read the terms of USMCA, when it comes to people like him, he probably assumed the new NAFTA was all about getting Mexico in line. If you’re a former GM worker, thank Jerry Dias, he probably had something to do with you losing your job. Anyway add this to his long list of failures, both Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland come from privileged political backgrounds, Justin Trudeau is a trust fund baby.

His commie daddy Pierre Trudeau, made sure to shelter Justin from certain liabilities and paying certain taxes because Left-Wingers want “laws for you that won’t affect them!” Anyway, Trump being a businessman, obviously led traps when drafting the new NAFTA, and the mere fact that Justin Trudeau made Jerry Dias an advisor told me everything I needed to know.

If Union people were smarter than business people, GM would have been making more cars in Canada and the United States? Japan’s auto-manufacturing is doing just fine, even Japanese auto-manufacturing in Canada is flourishing, because at least for now those employed by Toyota Canada, haven’t been dumb enough to allow an idiot like Jerry Dias represent them.

Anyway, I don’t like supply management, it’s evil you have to also remember that supply management doesn’t benefit every Canadian farmer, it only benefits the people in Canada’s dairy cartel. Most Canadians assume that supply management only keeps Americans out of our marketplace, no, we’ve lost a lot of productive Canadians because of supply management. It’s pure evil, but you’d have to have a moral compass to see it.

Anyway, people who trust big government can look to them for a solution!

U.S. defeats Canada in first dispute under new North American trade pact | cbc.ca

Interesting times ahead!