Liberals In Ontario Canada Have Taken Back Power From The NDP According To Polling Data, Progressive Conservative Doug Ford currently Up Big – May 23, 2022,

Ontario still has little to no desire to vote for the NDP, which makes me happy. Doug Ford has done what I think most Conservative politicians should do when they’re running a campaign, talk less, and focus on shrinking the cost of living. Canada has enough social safety nets as is, there’s no need to talk about creating more.

As is the case with current Prime minister Justin Trudeau supporters of Doug Ford can see his flaws, but it’s the alternative that terrifies them. For myself, nothing is scarier than the NDP having power in Ontario. In the future, I’m hoping the Liberals can rid of these far-left candidates which I consider Steven Del Duca to be one, but the NDP not only has plans to raise taxes they also indeed to create more regulations for the private sector.

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Where Doug Ford really screwed up was his promise to raise the minimum wage, I assume Doug Ford is anticipating what I’m anticipating, which is Inflation not coming down, but I don’t see how increasing the minimum wage is going to get him any more votes? The labour unions currently back Ford, primarily because in my opinion socialism has reached its peak now that consumer price inflation is running rampant.

It appears Canada is stuck with Justin Trudeau for the foreseeable future and one of the errors Justin Trudeau has made is going to war with his own Federal Workforce, which has some Federal employees, unemployed at the moment. With that said, who politics tends to work is that people who would otherwise be Justin Trudeau supporters, instead of voting for Conservatives may simply not show up or vote for the NDP.

Why I bring Justin Trudeau into this, is because Steven Del Duca reminds a lot of people of Kathleen Wynne, I get that some people think identity politics is a big thing, I disagree, man, woman, black or white, when the same rhetoric comes out of your mouth that caused a large chunk of Ontarians to despise Kathleen Wynne, Steven Del Duca and Kathleen will be viewed as the same person.

Although many will argue Doug Ford’s attack ads are working, truth be told it’s Doug Ford’s “steady Eddie” approach that helped him to remain popular. Regarding the NDP and Andrea Horwath, if you ask me, she was the beneficiary of Ontarians being angry with Kathleen Wynne and nothing more. The more Andrea Horwath speaks the easier it is NOT to like her. She sounds as if her opinions change with the wind, she doesn’t sound like a leader.

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Kathleen Wynne, similar to Justin Trudeau, both possess leadership qualities, it’s just that when you look under the hood, you find that they’re all rhetoric and no substance. I’ve been saying for years now, that I suspect Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau will meet similar fates, Ontario gave Kathleen Wynne the benefit of the doubt until it was clear she had no idea what she was doing, the same is true with Justin Trudeau.

Most Canadians are giving Justin Trudeau the benefit of the doubt, a lot of Canadians are even willing to accept tyranny in exchange for what they imagine is good governance. But consumer price inflation and a bad economy can’t be hidden, a bad economy is a sign of incompetence, you can’t hide the numbers. Because Doug Ford has appeared reasonable with Justin Trudeau, it’s easy for middle-of-the-pack voters to support him.

When you take though stances like the ones Justin Trudeau takes, you’re ideas better work, otherwise, you end up like Kathleen Wynne. Kathleen Wynne had bold ideas, but they didn’t pan out, so eventually, her leadership and her “confidence” were exposed as a con-game. I believe Kathleen Wynne had a concession speech before the election. I actually think Kathleen Wynne is smarter than Justin Trudeau, but Justin Trudeau is a much better salesman.

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Doug Ford equally is a very good salesman and until Justin Trudeau is dethroned, in my opinion, it will be hard to vote Doug Ford out of office, as his centrist politics, is sounding more responsible than Justin Trudeau’s hard-left politics. Steven Del Duca and Andrea Horwath are currently coming across as mean spirited candidates, and one of the main reasons for this has to do with Federal far-left politics which currently dominate Canadian airwaves

Doug Ford and the PCs maintain tight grip on Ontario election race: Ipsos poll |

Interesting times ahead