Liberty Making Progress in Quebec: Conservative Columnist Éric Duhaime Receives 530,804 (12.92%) of Total Votes, Liberals Only Recieve 590,171 (14.37%) of Total Votes – September 4, 2022,


Canada is officially changing, and this change should TERRIFY Justin Trudeau; as I’m writing this, I’m actually in disbelief at these numbers because, as I’ve been saying since the 2021 FEDERAL election, the Liberals are winning elections based on STRATEGIC concentration in their strongholds. François Legault and Centre Right Coalition Avenir Québec Party won BIG with 40.96% of the total votes in the 2022 PROVINCIAL election.

But if you’re a believer in Liberty, you don’t really care about election results; what you care about if you’re a lover of liberty are POPULAR votes because the popular votes give you a better indication of what’s happening in the country. In the United States, one of the reasons the Far Left behaves so aggressively is that the Democrats constantly wins the POPULAR vote.

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So if you’re a news organization, the numbers would indicate that if you want to make a lot of money, you’d be wise to divide up the Left-wing vote to garner more advertising revenue, which is one of the main reasons why FOX News continues to dominate, because Fox News and to a lesser degree NewsMax is the only news stations that focused ENTIRELY on the Conservative voter, thus giving them a monopoly on Conservatives ears, while CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc, battle it out for the Left Wing vote.

When the majority of News organizations battle it out for Left Wing voters, they often INTENTIONALLY omit relevant information to their listeners in fear that they’ll lose market share of the Left-leaning voter. This mishmash of left-wing “journalism”, allows the voice of Liberty to appeal to people DIRECTLY, as the struggle of the Liberty movement has always been that it’s based on Christian MORALITY.

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Atheists have been at war with Christian morality much longer than I’ve been alive, and it’s one of the reasons various brands of SOCIALISM have spread in Western countries. Greed is not GODLY, but you’ll notice that atheists, whether Conservative or Liberal, often point to GREED as their rallying cry. The Welfare State is indeed a form of GREED. When you want the government to STEAL from one group and give that money and those resources to another group, that is indeed a form of GREED.

Any IMMORAL system is doomed to fail, and an immoral system should fail FASTER in a democratic system in which the VOTERS are properly educated. In the title of the post, you’ll notice that instead of “politician”, I used the words Conservative Columnist Éric Duhaime to describe the Party leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec.

I did this intentionally because what Éric Duhaime has been doing is EDUCATION his audience, Ron Paul, a prominent Libertarian in the United States, spends LITTLE time on politics and more time on EDUCATION, which is why the message of Liberty has spread. My problem with the Libertarian Party of Canada is that they have this ENTITLEMENT mentality; it’s as if the Libertarian Party of Canada expect voters to simply fall in their laps.

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Conservative Columnist Éric Duhaime instead is MAKING sure his listeners are BATTLE TESTED if you believe in Liberty, Freedom, and the pursuit of INDIVIVUDAL HAPPINESS, you’re going to need to be educated on LIBERTY. Collectivism is a very ADDICTIVE drug that leaves the voters POWERLESS against the overreaching arms of Big Government.

However, the average voter is taught to imagine BIG GOVERNMENT as equal to GOD, which is why a Left Wing voter or even a centre Right voter imagines a Big Government that SHARES their ideals as the PREFERRED Big government. This is where the PISSING matches come from amongst the Center-Left and Left Wingers in Canada.

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I lean more towards the Right/Liberty, so I completely comprehend the center-right POLITICAL argument that argues for fiscal responsibility and WINNING elections by preserving parts of the WELFARE State that appeal to the MAJORITY of voters. However, I argue that this ultimately equates to the country leaning further to the LEFT, because there’s always going to be a POPULAR idea to grow the STATE.

Climate Change Alarmism is being used as a JUSTIFICATION for the government to grow larger. In Federal Politics, The current leader of the Conservative Party of Canada Pierre Poilievre, is battling the Federal Liberal Party of Canada; by making the argument that the Liberals are FISCALLY irresponsible, the Liberal Party of Canada doesn’t bother to challenge Pierre Poilievre on this. Instead, the Federal Liberals argue that man-made Climate Change is their justification for being fiscally irresponsible.

In a nutshell, this is why I’m against CENTRE-RIGHT politics, because both the Federal Conservatives and Liberals are not talking about shrinking the welfare State; they’re merely arguing about how large the Welfare State should be and who is better suited to manage it. I’ve heard “Mr. Wonderful” outspoken Canadian Businessman Kevin O’Leary make the exact same argument.

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Even if Kevin O’Leary annoys you, he does represent the voice of a lot of successful BUSINESS PEOPLE, who completely comprehend the Liberty movement, but who are also very PRAGMATIC with their politics. If you’re Kevin O’Leary you gotta make payroll; it’s your role as a business person to promote Liberty, which could come across as DIVISIVE; instead, you take a CENTRE-RIGHT or Centre-Left position.

Mike Bloomberg, as an example, took a center-left position. During the reign of Mike Bloomberg as the three-term DEMOCRATIC mayor of New York City, Conservative voices rarely made complaints because he was CENTRE-LEFT, he wasn’t EXTREME in his positions, the Jean Chretien Liberals were for Fiscal management of Canadian finances, and why they were so successful, was because during that era there was a DEMAND for Centre-Left and Centre-Right politics.



Quebec’s CAQ secures bigger mandate with pledge to cap immigration, protect French


Clearly based on the results of the 2022 Quebec election, Far-Left politics are losing popularity; the Liberals in the 2022 Quebec election received only 14.37% of the vote, the Democratic socialist Party “Québec Solidaire” received 15.42% and the separatist Democratic Socialism Party “Parti Québécois” also got more total votes than the Liberals with 14.60% total votes.

So how, then, did the Quebec Liberals remain the official opposition?

The Quebec Liberal Party will retain official Opposition status

Well, the unpopular Liberals made sure they won RIDINGS, whereas the other Party’s were more DECENTRALIZED; the Liberals appear to be winning POCKETS in Canada. Now, for some, they feel defeated when they see the Liberals still winning ridings. Still, for myself, I see it as a VICTORY for Liberty because it gives Liberty lovers the chance to spread the message of liberty even greater.

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

I see the Liberals and other Left Wing party’s being BOXED in; imagine being in the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) position right now? You squeezed out a win in every race you won, and more and more people are seeing through your facade. The voters of the Parti Québécois and the Québec Solidaire didn’t fear losing when they cast their votes, but they made SURE they didn’t vote for the Liberals.

Had the PLQ been able to take those votes, they could have challenged François Legault, but they didn’t see the Liberals as worthy of the effort, and I’ve been saying for years now that Justin Trudeau has become the only weapon the Liberals have left. I’m not saying Leftism is dead, but what I am saying is that Justin Trudeau is the face of the Left in Canada, and even they appear to be tired of him.

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What’s different about Canada now is that the INFRASTRUCTURE is now there for Conservatives to be a VIABLE alternative for the Centre-Right Conservatives. In regards to the People’s Party of Canada(PPC), which a Federal Political Party focusing on Liberty and Freedom, I don’t think they should look at Pierre Poilievre as an enemy; instead, he should be used as their reasoning to take more votes from the DEMOCRATIC Socialists in Canada, who will inevitably start to find INCONSISTENCIES in his messaging.

Centre-Right Politics can only go so far, whereas the message of Liberty is INFINITE. You can’t UNLEARN Liberty, one of the problems most people have when they learn about Liberty is imagining a world WITHOUT Big Government. As I stated earlier in this post, the Centre-Right and Centre-Left both imagine BIG GOVERNMENT as the answer, and the only way to UN-BRAINWASH them is to feed them the message of Liberty.

I think Conservative Columnist Éric Duhaime has the right idea, you won’t win them all, but you want to win enough because the message of Liberty is a DECENTRALIZED COLLABORATIVE effort. There’s no one way to get the message of Liberty to the masses; we all have to do our part and be ready to SHIFT the culture.

How do you shift the culture? Well, you learn for the Leftists that educating the young about Liberty won’t make Liberty an ALIEN concept. For most Canadians, Liberty sounds like an Alien idea, which is unfathomable, and you have to accept the reality that a lot of Canadians were BRAINWASHED by public schools to imagine the world via the eyes of a BIG GOVERNMENT.

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You’re not going to change that overnight, nor should you want to; the Left gives you all the fuel you’ll ever need to MENTALLY defeat the tyrannical brain. The Left alow you to exercise your mind, this is a gift, not a curse, and the faster you can spread the message of liberty, the faster Left-wingers will become comical caricatures.

In the modern era, when people look back at National Socialists like Benito Mussolini and Hitler, they’re comical to look at. Politicians trying to embody the strength of a nation is stupid; when you look at the Communist Leaders Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Casto, or Mao Zedong, you can see the evil in their demeanor and the evil in economic policies; Cuba went from the richest country in the Caribbean to the poorest all because of Fidel Castros SOCIALIST revolution, that dissolved in a COMMUNIST revolution.

Fascism, as everyone knows, is a form of Socialism; there’s nothing LIBERATING or capitalistic about a BIG GOVERNMENT which is what Fascism is all about. The Left Wingers have successfully, in many ways, made Liberty movements synonymous with Fascism. Why? Because most Conservatives are AFRAID to embrace Liberty and/or CAPITALISM.

Capitalism and Fascism are NOT compatible, but you’d only know that if you knew the difference between the two ideologies. If you don’t know the difference, it would be EASY for a caricature politician to convince you they’re the same thing. When you’re ignorant of something and someone who you respect defines to you what something is, you might imagine their definition as fact, and you may also start conflating two opposing views as one and the same.

The challenge of Liberty lovers is uniting our DECENTRALIZATION. Meaning that ALL of us must do our part to spread LOVE, Liberty, Freedom, and the pursuit of MORAL Happiness. I’d argue to date that Éric Duhaime is doing his part, and if you’re a lover of Liberty, you should do your part.

Conservatives shut out, but claim moral victory with popular vote |

Leader Éric Duhaime laments “the greatest democratic distortion of the century.”

Interesting times ahead!