Review Is It a Scam?

Before signing up for I think it’s important that the customer understand a few things about purchasing software from PayPal. PayPal has no buyer protection for intangibles, License Guard soft falls in the category of an intangible product, I say this mainly because Mark Dulisse doesn’t give refunds and in my opinion and from my experience Mark Dulisse’s license guard soft from my view is a work in progress at best. I purchased license guard soft a few days ago and from the moment I made my purchase I had problems with it.

License guard soft Reviewed & my personal experience with Mark Dulisse

License Guard Soft Trash

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The first thing I want to say is Mark Dulisse doesn’t know much about coding so a lot of the problems that exist with his software he might not even know about. First let’s talk about what License Guard Soft is best used for; in my opinion License Guard Soft is best used for WordPress plugins. I wouldn’t say it’s the safest method to protect your WordPress plugins however from my experience with the License Guard Soft software it works best with WordPress plugins.

That being said at least in February 2012 the License Guard Soft software is very buggy and useless in many ways if you’re not protecting your WordPress plugins. It was very easy to unlock all of its “protection” features, It’s so useless in fact it annoys me to even talking about it. Another thing I want to point out is that if you think by using License Guard Soft your life will be easier it won’t. Part of my complaint with License Guard Soft stemmed from the fact that I was receiving “empty invokation” messages when I used PayPal as a checkout method. Instead of “empty invokation” I’m supposed to receive the customers email address.

When this happened Mark Dulisse blamed this on my PayPal account claiming that I had Personal PayPal account. For the record I do not have a personal PayPal account I have a business PayPal account whatever the case may be my issue with this software is if your potential customers have personal PayPal accounts the software might not function and even if you or your customers do have a functioning business PayPal account the software still might not work properly. Like I said earlier Mark Dulisse’s License Guard Soft is a work in progress at best.

Mark Dulisse has horrible customer service after you’ve made a purchase

Another thing I want to point out is that it’s well documented that Mark Dulisse has terrible customer service after customers make a purchase. Mark Dulisse’s problem stems from the fact that once he gets your money he doesn’t care about the issues you run into with his software or products. Most of the customers Mark currently has aren’t as savvy with software or IM as my team are I are so I was able to see through Marks B.S very quickly.

When it comes to software If you’ve ever done business with or one thing you’ll notice about both of those companies is that they offer trials and/or money back guarantees. Mark Dulisse clearly states that he does not offer refunds or trials, the reason why he doesn’t offer refunds from my experience with Mark Dulisse is because he knows his software doesn’t work like he claims it does, and if he offered refunds most of his customers would probably take them.

For example offers a 60 day money back guarantee the reason they can do this is because they’re confident their software works not only that but they’re not worried about theft because they know their software works as advertised. In the case of License Guard Soft Mark Dulisse is not confident in his products capabilities which is why there are No Refunds or trials for his products. This is something customers should consider before purchasing License Guard Soft.

Final thoughts on License Guard Soft

Personally I would avoid this software like I said earlier I purchased the License Guard Soft software and after actually trying it out and experiencing how buggy it is I see no use for it. In fact I recently deleted it from my website if it worked I would say it worked this review would be a positive one, I’m not out hear trying to bash Mark Dulisse I’m sure he’s a great person, however my complaint is that License Guard Soft as it stands today is piece of junk. My programmer was able to unlock its features in a few minutes, after I bought License Guard Soft my coder asked me why would you buy this junk? If you’re trying to stop thieves from stealing your software License Guard Soft in my opinion is not the way to go.

Mark Dulisse and his License Guard Soft software from my experience was a complete waste of my time and money. Before using his service I recommend the buyer look into or first. I had a great experience with and allows customers to download free demos before purchases which gives the customer the opportunity to try before they buy.

Please leave your comments or your experience with License Guard Soft or Mark Dulisse below it helps others.