Review – Is it a scam?

Life Starts At 21, which you can find at, is a website that promotes the mobile app, MyFunLIFE. It’s an application that claims to provide you health and travel benefits. Aside from this, this mobile application is also an avenue for you to earn extra income online/at home since this is also an MLM opportunity. As an MLM opportunity, it promises to provide you with an extra source of income through referrals and commission from direct sales.

More about Life Starts At 21

It turns out that the application featured in the website provides  benefits similar to a travel club. According to the website, you can enjoy the privileges of travel booking discounts and access to the timeshare condos worldwide. However, in order to enjoy these and the MLM opportunity, you need to pa $21/month.

Typically in MLM or multi-level marketing, people earn through referral and commissions from purchase of the company’s product/service. It works the same way as with But details of the opportunity are scarce. In order for you to view it, you need to have the referral code or pay the $21/month membership fee.

Final thoughts on

There are people who could attest that MLM could really bring in extra income. But you should bear in mind that this opportunity is not for everyone. Unlike other known MLM opportunities, details of’s earning opportunity are very limited. This isn’t good as it’s risky to buy and sell something you don’t know too well from the very start.

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