Lighter Life of is another website that offers weight loss program. Established in UK on year 1996, Lighter Life has been known to be one of the most extreme diet programs available in the market. It specializes on meal delivery service, providing users with a strict 500-calorie intake per day, triggering the body to undergo the state of ketosis or the process of the body to burn fat in order to have energy source. Its strict diet plan makes it impossible for a user to eat outside its daily meal plans.

More about Lighter Life

The program started to have a growing number of followers when Jsckie Llewelyn-Bowen, wife of the famous interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, was reported to have lost 5 stone in just 5 months following the Lighter Life diet. While she has told the people that it is a difficult diet, many have still signed up with the program thinking that it can also help them lose as much weight as her.

Lighter Life helps in the weight loss of users through its strictly controlled meal plans. Users are advised not to eat outside of its diet plan even if it’s just a fruit or vegetable. Meals from Lighter Life come in a variety of flavors and have met the standards of relevant government health guidelines. Users can choose from a wide range of its mousses or shakes, snack bars, and soups. On top of its recommended 3 meals per day from the aforementioned food items, users are also encouraged to drink 4 liters per day to counteract the negative effects of this extremely low-calorie diet.

Because of its extreme diet plan, Lighter Life is only designed for people with a BMI of 29, with more than 3 stone to lose. The program also doesn’t offer a specific fitness plan. If you are planning to get into one, make sure that you consult your physician about it.

Final thoughts on

While Lighter Life is not the first program to introduce a low calorie diet to induce the process of ketosis, it is one of those that offer the lowest calorie, making some experts doubt with its effects on health. However, the program has a considerably good community support in the form of forums, message boards, and weekly meetings where users are also subject for psychological guidance to determine their causes of overeating. If you are planning to get into this program, it would be better to have an independent search of it first to see whether it suits you or not.

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