Review is it a Scam

Is a scam? No it’s a free autoresponder for email marketers.

Interesting concept a free autoresponder service from a well known Internet marketer Gary Ambrose. A free auto-responder huh whats the catch? Well to date there is no catch there’s an offer to help you increase email marketing conversions available but it’s not an offer you have to take. I’ve written about Gary Ambrose before he is what we call a super affiliate known for having quality well converting email marketing lists. features Reviewed is not the best autoresponder in the world most of the features are pretty basic compared to the big name autoresponders but if you are starting out in Email Marketing it’s the perfect tool to build your list with out any monthly costs. There’s no catch i guess the one that could be used is the listwire advertisement that go along with your emails and your forms, But that’s typically found in all autoresponder software that you have to pay a monthly fee for. Listwire allows you to send plain text and html emails which is pretty basic but it does get the job done. If you are looking for an email marketing software with advanced features is not the right choice.

What Do I think about

Well in my opinion it’s a good way Gary Ambrose to build his own list with email marketers. This is not the first time someone has come out with an idea like this one. Gary Ambrose has differentiated himself from the crowd but what tends to happen with free autoresponders that are not self hosted is that subscribers or users of will be given offers to either promote Gary Ambrose products or be offered to try other products or services affiliated with Gary Ambrose. This is just my opinion and does not reflect or Gary Ambrose. On that note it can still be beneficial to you the to sign up with Gary Ambrose and take him up on his offers he is a super affiliate with an excellent track record.

What Do I need to sign up with listwire

you will need to add your name & full mailing address to sign up with that is a standard, with all email marketing companies even the paid ones. the only time you do not need to do this is when you have a self hosted email marketing software.  This keeps the company compliant from spam complaints. If you have any questions leave them below for more information about Click Here