Living in Toronto is NOT a right: housing activists like Philip Zigman, and Samuel Adelaar should be blaming the Federal Government for Rent Increases, but Ignorance is bliss – December 2, 2021,

As per usual the private sector gets blamed for a problem created by the private sector, this housing shortages problem as I like to point out is caused primarily because of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation(CMHC), which helped the Federal Government achieve its idiot Pierre Trudeau goal of turning renters into homeowners. Adding fuel to the fire is of course the Bank of Canada, financing Federal government failures by keeping interest rates unnecessarily low when the Canadian housing market never crashed and government deficits continue to rise.

For activists like Philip Zigman, and Samuel Adelaar who you can read about in the article below, attack the people they imagine to be the cause of their frustration. Those “evil Landlords” raising rents? As if there isn’t a LABOUR SHORTAGE?

In the article you can click to read below, Samuel Adelaar even points out that “We’re still in the midst of a pandemic” but obviously he’s too emotional to understand that government regulations to the economy have led to SHORTAGES of stuff, namely shortages of labour. Building maintenance, especially elevator maintenance, plumbing, electrical, general maintenance, etc, requires SKILLED labour, well during periods of shortages, skilled labour demands a pay increase, which I’m certain is far more than 4.2%.

I sure as hell won’t be fixing toilets in this environment for anything less than 4.2% more than what I was being paid in 2019. If I’m a maintenance person, now I have to enter a tenants unit with a mask, depending on what needs fixing and depending on who’s paying for what needs fixing, the prices for everything have gone up, gas and energy prices have gone up via the carbon taxes, we pay HST in Toronto so when inflation hits Ontario, the price you pay for EVERYTHING goes up, food and some other things are the prices that are tax excepted, HST is included in the price of everything else.

Recently the Federal government announced Canada’s working class will have to pay more money into the pension system? Whether you’re a private contractor or employee, that equates to more money being taken out of your paycheck. Canada’s working-class are NOT the slaves of Philip Zigman, and Samuel Adelaar. I comprehend that both people are probably ignorant to why prices are going up, but the reason why many of us have been saying that the Federal Government should stay out of the housing market is that picking winners and losers creates HOUSING shortages.

I was watching Youtube the other day and there’s an abundance of EMPTY condos or condos for rent on the Toronto market. The starting rate is $2000, if you want a 3 bedroom that’s going to set you back at least $3500. What’s ignored in all of this is that most of the condos being built or that have been built in downtown Toronto these past 22 years, should have been rental purposed housing.

The reason all of these condos were built had to do with CMHC and the Bank of Canada(BoC) creating policies that benefitted condo development. Both Philip Zigman, and Samuel Adelaar are pushing for tighter rental control. Well, rental controls have been around long before CMHC got involved in mortgage-backed securities. Rental controls which are provincial, municipal problems, still exist today, and because they exist, CMHC makes it more favorable to build condos where rental purposed housing would suffice.

Now, if most of those ugly shoebox condos you see in downtown Toronto we’re rental housing instead of condos, there’d be no housing shortages, meaning rental prices would either stabilize to meet demand or come down, there’d be an abundance of housing, but you see because the government whether provincial or federal decided to get involved in the housing market, there are all sorts of stupid problems that the Mainstreet economy has to deal with.

Lastly living in Toronto isn’t a right, I get it, most people want to live where the action is, but when you support bad government policies live with the consequences. The government can’t solve shortage problems, there’s been an elevator repairment shortage for years now, there’s been a growing labor shortage problem in Canada for as long as I can remember and right now Canada’s working-class wants a pay raise? and many of them are willing to play hardball to get it.

I can’t blame any working-class person for wanting more money amidst this economic disaster created by the government, there are millions of people in Canada who are getting government welfare for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Why can’t the working classes of the country get a much-needed pay raise? What’s that you say, yes the working class should get a pay raise but you as the consumer of these services do not want to pay higher prices?

Well, my dear financial moron, capitalism brings forth ABUNDANCE so if you hate FREE MARKET CAPITALISM and want the government to meddle in the economy, expect shortages, because whether you like it or not hard-working humans aren’t your personal slaves!

If Canada’s hard-working class wants a pay raise, those costs will be passed over to the consumers!

Samuel Adelaar spent the lead up to the holidays this year knocking on his neighbours doors, handing out flyers and circulating a petition.

A resident at his highrise in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood for six years, he’s trying to convince the other tenants in his building not to pay a 4.2 per cent rent increase introduced by the building’s owner.

“We’re still in the midst of a pandemic, people have experienced financial hardships… that will definitely affect people’s ability to pay this rent increase,” Adelaar told CBC Toronto.

‘Where else can I go?’: Toronto tenants look to organize in the face of 2022 rent increases |

Interesting times ahead!