LivingThatMatters Scam

Quick note in case someone cares to know is a landing page that goes to a company called Carbon Copy Pro. A little info on Carbon Copy Pro. It’s a online system that can make you allot of money but be warned it’s also very expensive and requires allot of your time

If your not prepared to give your carbon copy pro business allot of time I would stay away from it. The good part of Carbon Copy Pro is if you have lots of money you can probably double it fairly easy if you work hard. But if you don’t have lots of money theres a good chance you will spend more money than you make. After you sign up Carbon Copy Pro has allot of upsells to offer. Most are geared to help your buisness and others are motivational material.

In my opinion Carbon Copy pro is a good investment if you have about $50,000 to give away and you can devote all your time to that business and yes it can be that expense to join Carbon Copy pro. It’s a part of wealthy masters international allot of people cal them a scam but i would call them that it’s just that online what you don’t know will hurt and carbon copy pro is very good at selling most people seldom can accurate information about carbon copy pro because they do a good job clogging up the internet with fake reviews of there products.

All in all if thats what your into and you want to join a profitable business system Carbon Copy Pro is not that bad, just knowing what i know i would never join them.