Love Struck of is a dating website that caters to the dating needs of professionals who don’t have the luxury of time to look for a date in a traditional way. Serving the residents of major cities in the UK, US, Asia, and Australia, Love Struck offers free registration. While members with the basic free membership can create a profile, add photos, and enjoy the basic services of the site, it takes paid membership and an upgrade to completely access the site.

The cost depends on the duration and type of subscription. Elite membership for a month costs £49, 3 months for £89, 6 months for £139, and 12 months for £199. Connect membership can cost £35 for 1 month, £65 for 3 months, £99 for 6 months, and £139 for 12 months.

More about Love Struck

The website claims to have over 50,000 members in London alone. Love Struck takes pride on its extensive profile features, great messaging service, iPhone and Android app, privacy options, and ‘big city’ presence. It features a non-traditional tool for interacting with members. Unlike other dating sites that only offers profile browsing for hooking up with other members, Love Struck also has this feature that lets you know when a member is free for a coffee or dinner.

The only downside of LoveStruck though is its exclusive operation to major cities. Thus, people who live outside these cities may not enjoy the services offered by the site.

Final thoughts on

If you live in the cities where operates and if you’re fine with the membership fees, then the website may be a good match for you. However, if you live outside these cities’ premises, then you better not sign up as the chance of getting the most of its services is too slim.

My personal favorite dating site is because they’re so mainstream. You’ll find a lot more people joining them daily which will drastically increase your chances of finding that special someone.

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