Low IQ Canadian Government Led by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland imposes 35% GENERAL tariff on virtually all Russian imports, during an INFLATIONARY environment her government caused – July 24, 2022,


When Canada imposes a TARIFF on Russia, do not for a moment imagine Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are getting tough on Russia, forcing Russian businesses to pay a tax to sell their PRODUCT into the Canadian market, it’s the RECIEVER of the PRODUCT, in this case, the Ontario farmer who pays the tariff, and then the receiver, especially in the case of farming HAS to pass that cost over to the Canadian consumer.

Although I want interest rates to be normalized, one of the main reasons a lot of people in Canada don’t want interest rates to rise is because most Canadian businesses are deeply in debt; how this debt relates to this story is that debt will eat away at your margins, currently, in Ontario, we haven’t seen a lot of rain, which makes farming even riskier as consumer price inflation because of Justin Trudeau’s war on fossil fuels raises the COST of all businesses.

When you understand who pays the tariff, you see how shortsighted Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland and International Trade Minister Mary Ng are. I have to remind the reader of the reasons why both the Canadian and United States Federal governments are so incompetent; both Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden opted for gender Quotas over competence when deciding the participants of their Cabinets and Administrations.

Not all Liberal supporters (men and women included) are incompetent, but if, let’s say, I built a business and instead of finding the best and brightest, I built my business based on meeting gender quotas? How soon before my business goes bust? Communists and Leftists in general, when their leadership positions, tend to imagine their SUBJECTS as interchangeable.

Left-wing ideology, which includes communism and socialism, is a lot like an Oligarchy in that a small group of people have control of a country, if you know anything about Communists, they pride themselves in imagining that they’re smarter than everyone else because after all, they have to be smarter than everyone else because they were democratically voted into power right?

An important portion of freedom is discussions and debates; this is to prevent people in leadership roles from making huge mistakes. We all get EMOTIONAL sometimes; I certainly don’t like wars, but why is Canada picking and choosing when NOT to help Russia. We all know, or actually, maybe it’s better I say a lot of us know what’s fueling this war is the ARTIFICIALLY HIGH price of oil, fueled by countries like Canada who have decided to declare war on fossil fuels.

Meaning that if we PAUSED this war on fossil fuels, the price of oil would drop, thereby making Russia’s war more costly for Russia. Instead of taking this common sense approach, oil-rich nations like Canada took the opposite approach. The heavy hand of the Canadian government raised the DOMESTIC costs for fossil fuels in Canada and then decided to BAN a petrol product like fertilizer made in Russia from entering the Canadian marketplace because, you know, the Federal government has to appear consistent?

Most kingdoms fall because of bad leadership, which is the problem that plagues Oligarchy. The entire country relies on the leadership of the Federal government, and it appears as though the Canadian government is trying to sabotage Domestic producers and reward MURDERERS!

Now certainly, the Liberal Party of Canada can make up a rebuttal to combat what I just wrote, but their rebuttal will likely revolve around their “virtues” and not the economy, which is okay until it’s not because most great nations fall because the country goes BROKE. Canada’s private sector is in a lot of debt and one of the reasons for this debts are the EXISTING often unchallenged monopolies in Canada.

Terence Corcoran: Hey Canada! Happy Milk Price Hike Day | Financialpost.com

The evidence suggests otherwise. One reason Canadians already pay higher prices for milk, cheese and other dairy products is the supply management system that deliberately creates supply chain barriers to imported milk and cheese.

The United States and New Zealand say Canada’s tariff protectionism is in breach of trade agreements, depriving Canadian consumers of lower-cost foreign dairy products.

dairy farmers are facing “skyrocketing” prices for fertilizer, fuel, animal feed and other inputs.

The article above doesn’t talk about the other evil in supply management which is the INTENTIONAL waste of food to keep prices high. Ofcourse farming comes with challenges and waste is inevitable, but a key component of supply management is INTENTIONAL waste, because God forbid surpluses of dairy supply forces retailers to allow consumers to imagine LOWER priced food items, which would obviously create a scenario in which some retail customers would ONLY buy when prices are low, which would force producers to become more CREATIVE.

We can’t have that, because then we’d be just like the Americans? who are always INNOVATING different ways to sell their dairy. Our archaic supply management model is actually HURTING Canada because as an example and I really want you to think about this NEW ZEALAND, if allowed to compete in Canada, could BANKRUPT Canadian dairy farmers. New Zealand, if people forget, had its own supply management system until it abolished it in the 1990s.

Look where New Zealand is on a map; well, New Zealand dairy farmers on the opposite side of the world, which presents its own set of logistical challenges, would wipe the floor with Canadian dairy farmers; that lets you know how UNCOMPETTIVE Canadian dairy farmers are. New Zealand, by the way, is part of the commonwealth; it’s not like we’re competing with Mexico or some low-wage Latin American, African or Caribbean nation.

Even if you’re a supporter of supply management, it’s IMMORAL; there’s nothing VIRTUOUS about wasting food and blocking foreign competition just so you can keep your prices artificially high. Every time I think about Canada’s supply management system, it breaks my heart because, as a Christian, one of the things I do monthly is given money to REAL poor people who have NO food to eat; meanwhile, here in a developed nation, we’re WASTING food to keep prices high for poor people?

How supply management relates to this is that one immoral act leads to more immoral acts, I do think Justin Trudeau is PUNISHMENT FOR OUR prior SINS. In the book Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand points out the obvious, why do COMPETENT people allow idiots in government to push them around? The answer in my view is quite simple, pushing back is too COSTLY.

If a group of people who have never built anything are given Political DEMOCRATIC power to STEAL from others, the business person has to weigh the pros and cons nd look into the FUTURE. The low IQ Politician on the other hand, gets to look at the PRESENT, what’s popular now, what’s going to keep me in power now, what makes me look good on the global stage NOW!

The low IQ spineless politician is not in the business of EDUCATING the voter; they’re in the business of getting their voters to trust them. When it comes to farming, a lost year is a lost year and debts have to be paid back regardless of profitability. Farming is a very cutthroat business, which is why the government’s role in regard to PRICES should be NIL.

Obviously, I don’t want farmers to have the ability to poison me, so I do want some regulatory oversight, but financial oversight? Destroying entire industries because the Canadian government is trying to APPEAR strong on the global stage? This is just plain silly. My solution to this problem is? In financial education, namely the school of Hard knocks, I’m of the belief we’re going to learn things the hard way.

It’s usually people who desire UNEARNED benefits who vote of Left-wing politicians; the likely outcome of this is that poverty will continue to ascend among the poorer people who support Justin Trudeau’s types of regime. Ending poverty revolves around CHANGING the state of mind of the poor.

In Canada, this same finance minister decided to freeze the assets of NON-VIOLENT people she disagreed with ideologically. No debates, no discussions, no negotiations, rule by fiat, was a decision made by the Justin Trudeau cabinet to deal with descending views. Now historically, disagreements led to wars; in Canada, people merely protested.

The Trucker’s protest in Canada was mostly about ECONOMICS; Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical policies were threatening the livelihoods of people who were not vaccinated? Justin Trudeau and Freeland are ideologically driven, so for them, they imagine any person who decided not to be vaccinated as UNWORTHY of the freedom to travel, unworthy of enjoying the freedoms Canada has to offer?

These extreme ideologies don’t ever stop, and why should they? Left unchecked, terrorists will continue to terrorize; when an ideologically driven group of individuals figure out how to rule by fiat, they will continue to do so until the economy breaks. When as an example, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, Constantinople, was conquered by the Ottoman Army, it’s important to remember that Constantinople was broke.

Pride in Canada’s military has eroded over the past year: report | cbc.ca

The private sector in Constantinople saw little worth fighting for. The Roman republic had become the Roman EMPIRE; instead of working for themselves, the people of Rome were basically serfs of the State. Constantinople was reliant on MERCENARIES to defend it. Imagine being constantly attacked by your own government if you’re a SOLDIER working for the glory of your country?

In Canada, sometimes, when I read articles from Canadian news outlets, it sounds like a foreign invading force wrote them. I have to ask myself what’s going on here, but then I look back at history, and I remember why great nations fell; they fell because the people gradually began accepting the notion that some people were ABOVE the law, which is like saying that some people were Gods, worthy of worship, how stupid these leaders were did not matter, the bottom line was they ruled by fiat and therefore we all went as they went.

Consider preparing yourself in case the worst happens!

Ontario farmers say Canada’s fertilizer tariff punishes them for Russia’s war | cbc.ca

Interesting times ahead!