Maglev Wind Turbines and Solar Panels: Trudeau’s Fall Guy Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault claims he won’t try to kill oil and gas jobs – October 28, 2021,

To date Environmentalists have been good at helping fossil fuel companies make a lot of money, environmentalists have been OPEC’s best ally in the war to kill Western Energy Independence. As a believer in Free Markets, I personally like the promise of Maglev Wind Turbines which don’t kill birds and aren’t as ugly as the wind turbine monstrosities we see all over the world today, do not for a moment think that solar and wind are sitting still, but let’s also not ignore current battery technology, because the reality of the situation is if it weren’t for this idiot environmentalists, we could already be enjoying a DIVERSE energy supply which would phase out the BURNING of fossil fuels a lot faster than these dumbass big government carbon offsets that are not only wasteful but will delay the free market from innovating out of this socialist disaster naturally.

We don’t need the government to intervene, innovation in the marketplace is enough to solve this supposed climate crisis, in fact as France already knows, which is why the Paris accord started in France to their benefit, Nuclear energy which is a zero-emission clean energy source need not be scaled up in the manner it is today. The reason we have this silly economies-of-scale system for nuclear energy is that the government artificially raises the cost of everything, via PRICE regulations which force any private enterprise involved in nuclear procurement to scale up to make nuclear energy economically viable.

It’s said that about 14,500 nuclear power plants could power the ENTIRE PLANET! If we’re to be honest almost all of the wars begin because of socialism, whether national or democratic socialism, governments vs. governments start wars, individuals looking to make profits have no time for wars, we’re trying to raise humanities standard of living, but we can’t do that because in our way are politicians like the new Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault, who imagine themselves as heroes I assume?

The believers in big government imagine a world that if it weren’t for these activists and political types that the human condition wouldn’t be improved? Scientists and engineers without the burden of politics and central planners would behave far differently than they do today. There are a lot of scientists who are against this political notion of climate change but put yourself in their shoes for a second, imagine you spent 8+ years in college/university, and going against the “political science” of manmade climate change, could get you blacklisted from your profession? Would you not be tempted to speak in the manner the government demands you speak regarding climate change, especially if you’re young and impressionable?

Solar and Wind have been moving along nicely without the help of the government, it’s actually been because of the government why there hasn’t been a carbon-free energy revolution. Artificially suppressing interest rates as an example helps to prop up OPEC, regulations help to prevent domestic developers from creating clean energy sources, have to see the price of property in Canada lately?

Most of the worlds best innovations happened in someone’s basement, if you watched the video I posted in this post, you’ll notice the small scale Windpower innovation, because when commercial and even residential real estate is cheaper, and the cost of living is low, more inventors have the space and the money to pursue their ideas.

When it cost a Canadian family $1 million Canadian dollars to buy a 2000 square foot home in a country abundant with land, that takes away from inventors and job creators. Alberta is filled with smart people, many of whom work in oil and gas and would like Canada to DIVERSIFY energy, but it’s actually the government getting in the way, that’s the real problem.

When Steven Guilbeault kills oil and gas jobs, for government subsidies to corporate entities he deems as worthy of government support, he’s creating an inefficient new economy built on government bureaucracy. I personally own solar panels, and most of these solar panels are very expensive which really annoys me because they should be made in Canada, but instead, they’re made in CHINA, why? Because people like Steven Guilbeault are regulating manufacturers in Canada out of business.

You have to understand that a country can’t regulate itself into prosperity, Canada is becoming alarmingly reliant on imports. The problem is so perverse that Communist China provides a better environment for manufacturers than does Canada? Union wages aside for a moment, it’s the other regulations, manufacturers have to adhere to that are killing jobs. No, human wants all of that red tape preventing them from being productive and the thinking it is that Steven Guilbeault is going to accelerate this problem.

The key to the article below is that “he won’t TRY to kill oil and gas jobs” most government people, don’t understand that for every action there’s a reaction. Why dictatorships usually don’t work well, in the long run, is because when a leader ruling by fiat makes a decree that its subjects should now do things in a manner the central planner demands, people start to measure the cost this new government decree will have on their personal lives.

If the cost is too great, behaviors start changing and how behaviors change is unknown, what we do know is that government decreases often lead to unforeseen inefficiencies. Capitalists start investing in Communist China, Canada’s smartest people begin leaving the country fueling a brain drain, investments and spending patterns change, all sorts of things occur.

The Canadian economy appears headed for disaster and it looks like Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault will be one of Justin Trudeau’s fall guys. I’m not sure if this is by design or it’s just dumb luck, but with all of the existing government debt along with regulations by Justin Trudeau, if interest rates are normalized in Canada, with the possibility for more regulations in the future = WOW!


Canada’s new environment minister says he won’t try to kill oil and gas jobs |

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