Mainstream Media Gets Lifeline: Google Canada signs agreement with eight Canadian publishers for their new Google News Showcase – June 24, 2021,

The mainstream media has always been biased, the difference in this era is that now people can challenge the mainstream media narratives, which for most journalists with limited life experiences and traditional education models equates to a world many of them are finding extremely hard to interpret.

What I mean by this is prior to the creation of blogs and vlogs a journalist could find a juicy story and frame that story in the manner that the journalist saw fit, with little to no push back. Often is the case with Canadian journalism is that the narrative the mainstream media attempts to espouse is in lockstep with what special interest groups want to be published.

Now, when Canadian media wrote biased articles in the past, there was no means for their writings to be challenged by so many different individuals, which also allowed many of these journalists to become comfortable in their belief systems because after all profitability for most of these news outlets was guaranteed because there were no other options or viable alternative opinions available.

Once mainstream media in Canada was faced with the reality that it has to compete, its old school models are struggling to adapt. In Canada as well as many parts of the world mainstream media is having a hard time with “fake news”, because again in years past, mainstream media was able to define what fake news was.

Because more people in the modern era understand that mainstream media attempts to provide narratives that align with their sponsors or the power structures, more and more people are tuning out to mainstream media brainwashing. Now, I personally don’t think Google News Showcase is going to help Mainstream media, if anything I think Google News Showcase might make things worse for Canadian Mainstream media.

I currently already get news on phone and most of the news I get I consider junk. I’ve almost stopped using Twitter, I don’t trust Facebook, and Youtube for me is limited to a few channels that I trust. Anywhere I read mainstream media news, I attempt to give the writer or journalist a fair shake, but because I know basic economics, I know immediately if when the MSM writer is attempting to create a narrative, which is fine with me, it’s a free country, but don’t expect me to subscribe or VOLUNTARILY pay for junk.

Now, with Google News Showcase it could actually make the situation even direr for Canada’s Mainstream media, junk is junk. If I know a particular brand sells junk, forcing me to consume their junk via Google News Showcase might make me unsubscribe from Google News Showcase.

I personally can’t stand Donald Trump’s obsession with Twitter and Facebook, because I’m of the belief that Twitter, Facebook and all of those politically biased social media companies should be able to do whatever they want, once Twitter and Facebook became biased politically, I stopped using them, was the transition uncomfortable? Of course, it was, but that’s life, I don’t like to reward bad behavior.

Now, with Google, I personally think they’re getting ahead of Legislation set to hit Canadians, but as history has shown me, socialism and controlling speech have serious consequences for the economy, so I try not to worry too much about the powers that be and their zombies looking for brains.

Even in China, there is a growing number of people who see through their government deception, it wouldn’t surprise me if Google News Showcase becomes a huge failure, but on the flip side, I wouldn’t be surprised that if it becomes a success that its success will also prove to be problematic, after all, Facebook and Twitter are successes and well, their ever-growing policy changes are dissolving them into a political engine for political parties they’re aigned with.

Google Canada signs deals with eight Canadian publishers for Google News Showcase |

Interesting times ahead