The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Mainstream media tries to protect Trudeau: All of a sudden Canadian media cares about Defaced Party election signs? Nobody cares when PPC or Conservatives Signs Stolen or Defaced – September 10, 2021,

So yeah, Conservatives are usually defaced or stolen, it happens so often, most of us expect it to happen, it’s even happening in 2021, but you see, nobody cares when PPC or COnservaitve signs are defaced or stolen, it’s only a problem when it’s a Leftist political Party. In fact, as a PPC supporter, I don’t want PPC signs on my lawn because my house will get vandalized, it’s happened before when I voted Conservative.

Conservative election signs stolen, damaged under cover of the night |

But oh no, someone defaced a Liberal sign, call in the national guard, call the police, call the media, this can’t happen to a Leftist political party, they’re the good guys? The mainstream media in Canada is absolutely disgusting their bias is so obvious, the most destructive and violent people are clearly on the Left, they might even be the people defacing Liberal signs, because after all when most Leftists voted for Justin Trudeau, they voted for him to legalize pot and give them FREEDOM, not lock them up in a house and demand that poke corporate vaccines in their body.

All Conservative signs stolen from small town near Owen Sound – 2015 |

One of the reasons I don’t put PPC signs on my lawn is because I fear for my families life because the Leftists are crazy and I don’t want my families life at risk over politics, most Conservatives are very quiet about who they vote for, because Leftists are violent, Justin Trudeau has pissed off a lot of people, when I attend FREEDOM rallies, I’m actually shocked by the amount of NDP supporters show up at these rallies. If Trudeau wants to lock people up and force them to take corporate vaccines he has to expect some backlash, but regarding defaced or stolen signs, Conservatives have been dealing with this problem for years.


Police investigating after Liberal Party election signs in Toronto riding vandalized, defaced |

Interesting times ahead!