Mainstreet Research Automated telephone interview poll survey claims one-in-five Canadians reported going hungry at least once between March 2020 and March 2022 – June 6, 2022,


When it comes to polling data, you can never be too sure, I’ve recently been trying to get more people to signup to take polls, as to get a better understanding of what’s really happening out there. As I’ve stated in prior posts, both Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are economic idiots. But, I have to also have to consider my personal economic and financial illiteracy at one point in my life.

When I was a financial idiot, I’d believe what the mainstream media said, not only would I believe them, but I’d also forgive them and the political leaders when they were wrong, why? Because I was ignorant as to what was really going on and it’s not like I would trust people, the mainstream media claims were on the fringes of society

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I say this because when MSNBC, CNN, ABCNews or even FoxNews makes a claim about the economy, some people believe it, in Canada, when the CBC, CTVNews, The National Post, The Sun, or The Star make a claim about the economy I believe it. If as an example it’s being promoted that inflation has NOTHING to do with Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels, and I have no comprehension of what Trudeau’s and Joe Bidens REGULATIONS have on DOMESTIC oil and gas production, not only would I assume Big Oil companies are evil, I might even believe that private companies are trying to sabotage Left Wing political figures.

I see ZERO appetites for Austerity Measures and that Could Mean Rampant Consumer PRICE INFLATION

The point of the prior two paragraphs wasn’t to give left-wingers ideas on how to promote their agenda, it was used to explain why consumer price inflation is likely to continue. Some professionals, some of who even consider themselves Austrian economists, are conflating economic DEFLATION with what they imagine will be lower consumer prices in the near term.

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Now, sure I think certain CONSUMER prices will come down, possibly because of firesales on certain goods and services that are not selling because fewer people have disposable income, but when we’re talking about NECESSITIES, I don’t see consumer prices coming down, because consumer price inflation is leading to more employees DEMANDING wage increases.

You see under a Gold Standard, prior to FDR creating a FEDERAL minimum wage law and social security, wages deflate as the economy deflated, this is why in modern terms, the great depression, on most charts is barely noticeable. One of the root causes of the great depression started when Herbert Hoover asked the private sector NOT lower wages.

Now, Herbert Hoover didn’t DEMAND the private sector lower wages, but when he alluded to it, it spooked the markets, which then fueled the great depression. But I always like to remind people of what happened before Herbert Hoover, which was ongoing labor disputes. If you want to talk about terrorism, the labor union movement in its early stages is a terroristic movement.

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The labor movement has little to do with workers’ rights and more to do with driving down labor costs. One of the benefits of ending slavery was cheap labor, well, the truth is that it shouldn’t even be called cheap labor, it was only considered cheap labor because the white people at the time refused to be paid at market bearable wages.

A Black or Asian person was willing to do certain jobs at wages whites wouldn’t and up until the minimum wage law, the U.S economy was GROWING for everyone. Now, by growing, let’s not ignore the greed element from the labor classes, who didn’t like the idea of people getting what they imagined was “too rich”. Sound familiar? It should because the same beliefs exist today and it’s one of the reasons why Austerity Measures aren’t even being considered as a solution to consumer price inflation now.

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Anyone who knows about history, knows, that the average person will not look at BIG Government as the problem, they’ll look at it as the solution. Which is an indicator to me that things could get even worse. I remind you that one of the reasons Hitler and his National Socialist movement was so popular is that the initial focus of his Party was to get ORGANIZED LABOR on his side.

It was called The National Socialist German Workers’ Party and if you listen to mainstream media, to this very day, they call the Nazi Party a far-right political party, when infact, it had more in common with a Far Left Party. a reminder that Hitler learned a lot from the DEMOCRAT Party in the Jim Crow South. “Jim Crow Laws” can be dated to 1884, and the Nazi Party began in 1920.

Jim Crow laws were socialist laws that didn’t allow black people in the south to enjoy all the benefits of Capitalism. No Blacks Allowed signs obviously weren’t free-market capitalist signs, they were SOCIALIST signs, what capitalist do you know wants, to put a Cap on their earnings potential? Even to this very day, Neo Nazis consider themselves NEW National Socialists.

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National Socialists are well aware of the reality that a free market system does their cause no good. a free market allows race-mixing, a free market could also lead to White people being on the wrong side of the economic ladder. Only if you’re ignorant about Socialism will you assume that Big Government is the only solution and this is one of the reasons why a lot of Leftists want to focus on the racist portions of National Socialism and ignore the economics of all brands of socialism.

In many parts of Europe, a lot of the politicians, do not like to refer to themselves as socialists, because they know racist connotations associated with that system of governance. But for the average person, it’s hard for them to imagine how Big Government causes poverty. I have to remind the Canadian reader that the 1990s Liberals were the last political Party to implement austerity measures as part of their Party platform.

Although you might imagine that Justin Trudeau is to blame for everything, the truth of the matter is that Stephen Harper had the chance to shrink the government but decided not to. I remind all political hopefuls that your reign won’t last forever, you’re going to lose or die sometime and if you do not end Big government laws that made the economy worse while you’re in power, don’t be surprised when a low IQ Justin Trudeau type comes along and does a lot of damage to the economy.

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What Justin Trudeau has already done and is currently doing to the Canadian economy is no easy fix, even if the future politician cuts government spending and ends burdensome regulations on the economy. First and foremost it’s going to be met with fierce resistance and secondly, there will be an adjustment period of at least 2 years in which most people might see NO improvements to their quality of life.

This is why most of us, we prefer financial education over politics, you can’t cure ignorance as a politician. There are some who think Trudeau is a hero for all of his wasteful spending. Some people see NO flaws in democracy, there aren’t too many deep thinkers in Canada today and this bodes well for the tyrannical amongst us. Regarding starvation in Canada, do I believe the surveys? I guess I have to right?

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Consumer price inflation makes people poorer and decreasing wages during a consumer price inflationary environment is out of the question, what does that mean exactly? It means if austerity measures are out of the question, we all collectively will have to innovate ourselves out of this mess. How long will that take? I don’t know, but you’d be wise to be aware of the current world around you.

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