Major News Going Unnoticed: S&P 500 futures drop after FedEx stokes fears about the economy – The economy is clearly DEFLATING; Austerity Measures?

The powers that be can redefine recession all they want; the evidence suggests the economy is DEFLATING! Central banks exist to prevent deflation; in a normal scenario, the market would drive down interest rates, but consumer price inflation is 100% a government creation, as the government is the only entity that as an example, can make it ILLEGAL to lower prices-Example lowering wages for public sector employees. This looks like austerity measures are coming!

Now, in some posts I wrote, I talked about NEGATIVE interest rates because I didn’t think the central banks would react the way they did; that scenario is still on the table because, after all, I can’t control the central banks, but how I see things, is that central bankers will have to convince the government to SHRINK. They do this by raising rates, not until something in the private sector breaks, but until the Government realizes that vote buying is out of fashion.

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One of the reasons I was really angry with Donald Trump when publically told Powell that he wanted lower interest rates was because eventually, a Joe Biden would come along and assume this economics stuff is easy, so open the borders, kill fossil fuels, and buy every voter in sight. Well, we’re here now, and I’m actually thankful the Democrats appear CLUELESS about what’s happening because to date, Biden has yet to make a complaint about the Federal Reserve, which I hope will continue to raise rates to force AUSTERITY MEASURES.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, austerity measures don’t mean things will get better, but it’s the only chance those of us who love Liberty have to spread our message because during the phase of forced austerity, people start looking for answers and this is where the message of Liberty could potentially see a growing number of people embracing it

S&P 500 futures drop after FedEx stokes fears about economy |

Interesting times ahead!