Making Money with Amazon and eBay

Making Money with Amazon and eBay

Making Money with Amazon and eBay

To start I should point out that many of you reading this have probably seen advertisements telling you how to make money with Amazon. Well, most of those are scams and the ones that are not scams usually won’t explain in detail the difficulty in making money on Amazon until after you’ve paid them $5000.

As many of you know I prefer to recommend people get into Internet Marketing at the present Wealthy Affiliate is proving to help people the most. However, there are people that prefer selling physical products over digital products. I personally prefer selling private label products which is why SaleHoo Group Limited is not on the top of my list when it comes to my recommended ways to work from home.

With that said as you’ll quickly learn unlike any of the other Amazon guru memberships SaleHoo Group Limited actually backs up its claims with real results and testimonials from real people making Ten$ of thousand$ of dollars per day from all over the world. Furthermore, it should be noted that SaleHoo Group Limited has paid employees that will work diligently to make sure you succeed.

So What’s the downside?

The downside to any membership program is you have to have the patience to follow instructions, plus you’re going to need to have a bit of creativity. This may sound easy theory but in practice, it could be a bit daunting.

Am I trying to discourage you from joining SaleHoo Group Limited? No! But I want to make it clear that SaleHoo Group Limited is not a get rich quick scheme and if you don’t follow instructions both your Amazon and eBay account could be shut down. How Internet Marketing differs from SaleHoo Group Limited(Amazon & eBay) is that when you learn internet marketing you’re not reliant on Amazon or eBay to make income.

However, the difference between making money using Amazon and eBay is the mere fact that you don’t have to go looking for customers, because the customers are already there.

Dropship Wealth

Dropship Wealth

So how you should view SaleHoo Group Limited is the more you learn, the better you’ll get, the better you get the more easier it will be for you to play within the rules of eBay and Amazon whereby you become an Asset to eBay and amazon so they won’t shut your operation down.

I warn people that I know of people that have made money on eBay and Amazon only to have their business shut down by changes to eBay or Amazon’s policies. The reason I sell private label products is that if Amazon or eBay shuts me down my past customers can still find me.

A Private label is basically putting your brand on a product. So there could be a plain t-shirt for sale, but instead of just a plain t-shirt I’ll sell a plain t-shirt with my logo or brand on it. So when a customer buys my brand they know where to find me because on my label there’s a link to my website. With that said Private labeling is not something that’s encouraged on SaleHoo Group Limited because a lot of people that sold private labelled products on Amazon have had their accounts shut down.


SaleHoo Group Limited focuses on what works and they help you to achieve success. Again their the best at what they do online which is why at the very least you should give them a try. You don’t have to private label anything at SaleHoo but eventually, you’ll see value in dropshipping and private labeling which will make, making money on Amazon easier to do because you would have learned to make money without inventory first.

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