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America’s September 2021 Treasury International Capital data corroborates dis/deflationary indications observed across various sources, the vast majority of which imply there’s not enough money, and/or it’s inadequately distributed, for the global economy to achieve permanent recovery.

TIC: Consistent, Coherent, Corroborated, Inflation Never Had A Chance:
Alhambra Investments Blog:
RealClear Markets Essays:

00:00 TIC: Consistent, Coherent, Corroborated, Inflation Never Had A Chance
00:32 September’s Treasury International Capital report points to a global "dollar shortage"
03:00 Stagflation (stagnant economy plus rising consumer prices) is a popular concern.
05:00 The TIC report does not gather data for securities lending
08:29 The FRBNY offers foreign institutions an option to repo US Treasuries.
10:46 Why do foreign central banks lend USD to the FRBNY to borrow US Treasuries?
14:45 Foreign central banks borrow US Treasuries from the FRBNY due to monetary shortages.
16:15 The Bank of Japan began a JGB-UST swap program in mid-2016.
18:48 Japan and the Caribbean are decreasing their credit-dollar redistribution to the world.
20:48 OUTRO: The background monetary condition strongly suggests shortage and inadequacy.

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