Mandatory random COVID-19 testing for fully vaccinated CANADIAN air travelers resuming next week – July 14, 2022,



The Canadian Federal Government is resuming mandatory random COVID-19 testing for FULLY vaccinated CANADIAN air travelers? I personally believe they’re doing this to be consistent with their messaging, they were losing control of the Covid-19 narrative, which allows them to keep covid economic REGULATIONS on the Canadian economy.

If the Federal Government doesn’t maintain a consistent covid-19 mandate, they’re opening themselves up to lawsuits. There have been a lot of government workers who have been FIRED or lost their jobs because of the mandates. If this state of emergency is lifted, retroactive lawsuits are a huge possibility and you also have to factor in the new higher cost of money as the Bank of Canada recently raised interest rates. This potential additional cost could cost the Liberals BIG!

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The Liberal Government in power is currently running record deficits and their borrowing costs have recently been raised by the Bank of Canada, in a nutshell, what this means is that the sums of money borrowed by Justin Trudeau, some of it not SPENT as if today, will now have a higher rate of interest attached to it, which could potentially equate to services or promises being cut in the very near future.

There’s a double whamming with consumer price inflation, as most of us point to consumer price inflation being attached to energy prices and not so much the central bank, but lower rates incentivize government to borrow money to stimulate growth, but if prices are going up and growth is shrinking, the central bank going back to low-interest policy, will incentivize more of the same behavior, so for people like myself, we see higher interest rates as a warning to Justin Trudeau, that his spending ideas causing havoc to the Canadian economy.

Sure the Central Bank of Canada won’t come out and say that, but everyone knows higher interest rates during a recession is a bad idea. Is the Bank of Canada raising rates to bring them back down again? Sure, maybe? But if the economy is slowing and energy prices crash and the COST of domestic fossil fuel energy via Justin Trudeau’s carbon taxes and other regulations remain artificially high, OPEC+ will likely employ their own SUPPLY MANAGEMENT system, to keep prices high enough to make domestic energy in Canada uncompetitive.

Justin Trudeau’s war on DOMESTIC fossil fuels production is raising the cost of doing business with his carbon taxes. These additional costs to Canadians could also equate to a slowdown in spending as more money goes to carbon taxes and covid regulations and less money goes to productivity in the economy. If there’s a recession and a slowdown in economic activity, INCOME TAX revenue could be threatened, as employers might be forced to lay off employees.

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The federal Work Force gets its income from taxing the private sector and one of the reasons why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is resuming Mandatory random COVID-19 testing is because he’s trained more Federal Workers to deal with the air travel and passport backlogs. These Federal Employees will be paid and their paychecks are dependent on a flourishing private sector.

A recession usually means a slowdown in spending, which could equate to the Federal government having a much larger deficit. Hopefully, at the very least these new FEDERAL hires will help to fix the passport and air traveling problems created primarily by Federal government REGULATIONS.

Mandatory random COVID-19 testing for fully vaccinated air travellers resuming next week |

The federal government has announced that it will be resuming mandatory random COVID-19 testing for travellers arriving at four major airports next week.

Interesting times ahead!