Review is it a Scam

Market America (MA) is a multi level marketing styled company. From reviews about the company online, you will notice that company has some happy and angry customers. The question to consider is it the company really worth your time or are they a scam? Here is an in-depth review of this unique marketing company.

Basic information about

James Ridinger created the company in 1992. James himself had a successful experience in multi level marketing and was reported as being a 6-figure earner with another MLM company. The company’s marketing slogan is “Built on Product. Powered by People.” The company uses a lot of unique terms and jargons.
The company denies they are a network marketing company or pyramid styled business. They instead describe themselves as a one on one marketing company that allows its members to operate as franchise without paying a franchise fee.

Market America is designed as a retailer company that operates online. claims to have on offer over 35 million services and products. Their products and services range from home supplies, health products, videos and books. They also have an exclusive line of about 2,500 company branded products. Their range of Instonix products are one of their most popular products.

Market America partners with other high profile stores such as Apple, Target, Barnes & Noble, Nike, Bloomingdale and Victoria’s Secret. You get about 2 to 4% MA cash back discounts when you shop at their partner stores. You can get up to 55% discount when you shop on some stores such as Business Week and Bloomberg.

By 2011, the company reported having over 3 million registered buyers and 180,000 distributors (or Business Owners as they are referred to in MA terms). The also reported an impressive total sales turnover of about $3.4 billion USD.

How Works

There are two options of membership with You can opt to be a Sales Representative for free. As a representative you will only earn commissions on any direct sales that you make via your referrals.
The other option allows you to earn money from multiple levels of your recruits (see why I say they are designed as an MLM?). MA refers to it as their Unfranchise model.

When you sign up for this distributor package, you will receive sales training to help tune your social, marketing and networking skills. The training part is very important, but many people skip this part. That is one reason behind many complaints about the company. As a distributor, you get access to a lot of products and have the advantage of having the support of a well established marketing company behind.

Conclusion and final thoughts on Market America

A lot of the complaints against Marketing America seem to come from the fact that a lot of people do not take time to properly review the terms and conditions. The company tries to help you start your own business or earn commissions from direct referral sales. Start up capital and maintenance fee will cost you roughly about $700. You need people to buy through your MA web portal to claim the purchases.

I personally do not join multilevel or pyramid styled businesses, but my conclusion is that is not really a scam. It does require a level of training and commitment to make it work for you. I advise that you take time to read the conditions and fully understand how it works before you sign up.

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