Review – Is it a scam?

Market Force of is a website that claims to use what they call as “customer intelligence.” They use this to help business owners, especially those with store branches in various locations, gauge business performance and satisfy customers in an efficient way. As a new and emerging methodology, customer intelligence allows business owners gain insight of their customers’ experience, information on their stores, their finances, and how these three things interact.

In line with this intelligent system of collecting data, Market Force employs Mystery or Secret Shoppers and Certified Field Associates on a paid, part time, flexible basis.

More about Market Force

Mystery shoppers will be assigned in different retail stores – from gas stations to banks and do basic shopping tasks. They will then report back regarding the retailer’s customer service, product selection, cleanliness, and other data required in the assignment. These shoppers will be paid to complete the task and be reimbursed for the amount they spent on a specific assignment.

Certified Field Associates (CFA), on the other hand, do a separate job different from mystery shoppers. They will be provided with different assignments like checking store displays or head counting in movie theaters. Just like mystery shoppers, CFAs will be paid for the completed assignment and be reimbursed for the amount they spent in the assignment.

Final thoughts on

Being a mystery shopper or CFA of Market Force may appear to be cool but then, you need to remember that what offers is not a full time job. In fact, they will not consider you as their employees as you’ll be an independent contractor. Thus, what Market Force offers is simply an extra money-making opportunity that you can enjoy too.

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