Maxime Bernier 800K, and the fight to end Supply Management: Federal CROWN CORPORATION recommends an 8.4% increase for milk as Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax causes “production costs” to soar – November 3, 2021,

You don’t get to make an argument about rising COSTS when you’re sheltered from competition, because there’s no way to know if costs would be rising for Canadian consumers if foreign competitors were given a fair chance to compete in the Canadian market. The Canadian Dairy Commission(CDC) is an Ottawa-based Government of Canada Crown Corporation that plays the role of administrator, facilitator, and stakeholder in the public policy related to the Canadian dairy industry, meaning that the create regulations that create import controls, which then result in price controls, that benefit dairy farmers lucky enough to be protected by this cartel.

Being that dairy Farmers protected by the CDC have no incentive to be creative, more efficient, or to cut costs during the good times, during the challenging times they, of course, welcome higher prices, because after all, they have no competition, in a market economy, your competition forces you to be more efficient, under a supply management system, Justin Trudeau becomes the Diary Farmers best friend.

One of the main reasons why prices are rising not only has to do with the supply chain crisis but the rising costs of energy, which is a problem Justin Trudeau created with this carbon tax. Now, the money government gets from carbon taxes is redistributed to corporate entities the government imagines aligns with the climate change agenda.

Now, as we know Canadian manufacturing is shrinking and Justin Trudeau has declared war on Canadian fossil fuels, unlike Canada, America doesn’t have the same transfer payments mechanism that exists here, meaning that the reckless spending of one State doesn’t necessarily reflect the responsible spending of another U.S State, so American Dairy producers even with the lower loonie could actually lower grocery costs for Canadians, but that can’t happen with the CDC.

Canadians on Welfare and Temporary Foreign Workers(TFW) Working For Dairy Farmers

So when the CDC imagines that Canadian dairy farmers should be allowed to raise prices by an arbitrary number the CDC creates based on its own metrics, prices get raised and there are no market forces to lower them. Now as most Canadians know, opting for provincial Welfare, which could include government housing in a Canadian major city is a far better deal for most Canadians than working on a farm, this has been a problem for decades and it’s why folks like myself are anti-welfare.

The real tax cheats, the real people not paying their fair share are all these people who refuse to find a job or who do not contribute their fair FINANCIAL share to society and yet have the right to vote to increase taxes on the productive classes of society. These are the real tax cheats and their plentiful all of Canada, well because we have so many welfare-loving tax cheats in Canada most of these protected dairy farms have Temporary Foreign Workers.

I’m not one of those people who says kick out these temporary foreign workers, because I’m a realist and the reality is Canada has a lot of lazy people, who refuse to do these types of jobs, but yet want to enjoy the benefits of our civil society. These welfare-loving tax cheats obviously tend to vote for Leftists, in fact, if you ask me, these government dependents make up a large chunk of Liberal, Green, Bloc Quebecois, and NDP supporters.

I’m not sure of the legal wage TFW’s are entitled to while working on these government-protected dairy farms, but they often get free room and bored. Some Canadians will argue that this isn’t available to Canadians, it’s not true, it would be available to Canadians, most private companies would be willing to pay for Canadians room and board had Canadians not been so LEFT-WING!

In many white-collar jobs, room and board is often paid for, because, when you’re financially educated you don’t think in the terms of Government brainwashing. Meaning, financially educated people who aren’t brainwashed by public education, won’t work for wages, they might work for stock, they’ll negotiate with their employer instead of forming a union to destroy their employer.

I bring this up, because a lot of the benefits that TFW’s receive is due in large part, because of how Canadians have been brainwashed into thinking the PRIVATE SECTOR not the government is the problem in the economy. When diary prices start rising, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least when Canadians start to blame Metro, Loblaws, No Frills, Longos, Costco, Walmart, Food Basics, etc.  Not knowing that these prices are rising because of the GOVERNMENT!

Maxime Bernier got 800,000+ votes from people who KNEW HE WOULD LOSE the 2021 election

Vote to win is the motto you’ll often hear from people who vote for the establishment political Party’s, which really sounds ignorant in a free society. The claim has been made that Maxime Bernier got 800k votes because people were tired of being locked down? Okay fine, maybe this is true, people are making the argument that Maxime Bernier got votes because Canadians were upset about something? Do higher prices qualify to make Canadians angrier because if the CDC is using inflation data to justify raising prices, the CDC isn’t the only entity in Canada fixing prices.

There are a lot of crown corporations in Canada fixing prices, I often write about the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation(CMHC) a crown corporation involved in MORTGAGE INSURANCE? or the Bank of Canada another Crown Corporation involved in setting interest rates or buying up government debt.

Sure maybe this 800,000+ votes Maxime Bernier got was lucky, maybe he was merely the beneficiary of challenging times, but supposing Canadians actually start listening to him, because they’re having a hard time interpreting what’s happening to this country? 800,000 Canadians voted for Maxime Bernier knowing he had a ZERO chance of winning the 2021 election, let that settle in for a moment!

Local dairy farmers welcome rising price of milk as production costs soar |

Interesting times ahead!