Why Maxime Bernier is Better For Canada Than Donald Trump is For America – August 24, 2019,

There’s something Americans should be concerned with when it comes to Donald Trump, what happens when he’s no longer the President? Donald Trump is by no means a Libertarian, actually, if you were to take a step back and look at Donald Trumps policies, his policies in many respects are Democrat policies, Democrats actually used to be tougher on the border, people forget, illegals working in America drive prices down, it’s actually the Republican party that historically had more of an open doors policy to immigration.

The difference with the Republic open-door immigration policies, however, revolved around keeping the size of government small, keeping welfare spending to a bare minimum and making sure that immigrants couldn’t live off the backs of tax-payers. Donald Trump talks about protecting Americans 401Ks’ and in case you haven’t paid attention, Trump as said very little about cutting welfare. Trump is a Populust and whether you like it or not, Populists will say anything to appease their followers. However, Populists often bring rise to extreme Leftists, because a Populist doesn’t necessarily bring valid arguments or valid debates, instead the Populist will often steamroll over its competition. Maxime Bernier in case you haven’t noticed isn’t doing this.

Maxime Bernier is actually taking the slow road to 24 Sussex Drive, he’s being ignored by many right now, overlooked pushed out of the mainstream and quite-frankly, in my opinion, this is a good thing because people are going to get to know him. Unless you’ve been following Donald Trump, reading his books, etc. You’ll have a difficult time understanding how his mind works. If like the Democrats in America, you make assumptions about Donald Trump instead of actually listening to things from his perspective you as a Leftist will have the habit hurling insults at Trump which actually hurt your credibility with people who think rationally rather than emotionally.

Impulsive, emotional people make horrible leaders and part of Trump’s genius is his ability to put people on the defensive. When it comes to debates, if you don’t have any good ideas and someone attacks you, you’ll tend to react emotionally, because this entire society we live in was based on people with good ideas. If you have a clear vision your ideas should be open to debate and scrutiny. Unfortunately for the Democrats, Trump with his policies has completely disarmed them, which is the reason Democrats have been forced to resort to name-calling and doing everything in their power to prevent Trump reshaping America.

Canada on the other hand via the leadership of Maxime Bernier isn’t taking the Populist approach, instead, he’s taking the approach you’re supposed to take if you’re a Libertarian, which is change or in the case of Bernier, remind people of the culture of Volunteerism. I volunteer myself for the betterment of my country, we’re losing this in Canada, this is a Western Value that’s based on INDIVIDUAL leadership. The culture of Canadians being polite and nice, actually comes from us respecting each others rights.

The Leftists political partys in Canada have been slowly trying to strip Canadians of our identities, Multiculturalism isn’t a good thing. Extremist forms of religions like “Extremist Islam” is not compatible with Canadian values, even recently it’s coming to the mainstream presses attention that Chinese Communist Party supporters exist in Canada. Big Government whether its merging Church and State or allowing the Authoratarian governments to dictate to people how they should live isn’t welcome in Canadian culture. We believe in respecting the VOICE of the minority.

If a person in any extreme form Islam speaks out, they can be jailed or killed, if a Chinese person living in China speaks out against the Chinese Communist Party, they too can be silenced, although on the surface for many Canadians they don’t see the correlation between modern Canada and Authoritarian regimes, it’s creeping its way into Canadian society. Jordan Petterson dared to speak out against Bill C-16, an Act that added “gender identity and expression” as a prohibited ground of discrimination and the Liberal Left, as well as the media, tried to destroy him. Try and remember that the only thing Jordan Petterson did was he said that Bill C-16 could be interpreted as making, “compelled speech into law”.

This might be hard for many people that don’t speak other languages to understand, but if you go to Latin America as an example, via socialism and communism which controls speech, it’s very had for Latin Americans to even comprehend individualism. In English speaking countries we often take for granted the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Spanish may have more verbs, more adjectives and even nouns than the English language has, however, Latin is considered a romance language for a reason.

Romance languages and Germanic languages differ based on substances. English speaking Canadians and peoples of Germanic ancestry can come across as bland for a reason. The English language as an example is derived from English history and a huge part of English history was putting philosophies into action and measuring the results. View mastery of the Free Enterprise system the English language evolved to meet the demands of the culture. To put this in proper context, it’s not that Scottish Gaelic is not a great language, it’s just that certain words in English would be hard to translate into Scottish Gaelic.

Again this has nothing to do with gender, race or social status, this is simply the evolution of words and how words can create a culture. When words are change or absent from a people’s reality, until they learn history, it’s usually impossible for them to see outside of their world of understanding. Now, English and French speakers regardless of their race, who embrace Canadian Culture understand when there’s a culture clash.

We fought for women’s rights, in Canada, yet in Canada, it’s not uncommon for us to see what appears to be women wearing Burqas, now with laws like Bill C-16 what laws like this do is the make it illegal to say anything about perceived as negative against a protected entitled class? This is a culture clash and although the example I spoke of regarding Bill C-16 and Jordan Petterson may seem insignificant to some people, the reality is this is how you dumb down society. Banning words, creating thought crimes, this is how you change a culture for the worst.

At one point a large segment of the world believed in White Supremacy, what calmed it down was open debates. It came to white people’s attention that White people are stupid too! So a lot of white people decided that White Supremacy wasn’t a good idea. Now, if Islam and this Gender debate were allowed to get on the national debate stage and were actually allowed to be challenged, the reality is, more people who feel oppressed by traditional Islam would at the very least look to reform it and be freed from it.

Regarding the Gender debate, let’s be honest, most people don’t care, what this comes down to for some people in the LGBTQ community is that they want political power, they want political perks they want to be part of a protected class in society. A blind person can see this, even people who identify as something other than God or Nature made them to be, know that their wanting to control speech is all about political control. Which is why unlike in the past, there aren’t any open debates about challenging certain concepts and ideas.

You can be socialist if you want, you can be religious if you want, but you should always be willing to debate and not want to resort to violence. I grew up Christian and I thought Jehovah’s Witnesses were whackos! Why? Because they refused to debate, they behaved like a cult, not wanting to communicate with outsiders, I still consider them a cult and most Canadians who aren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses but know of them are often outspoken with calling them a cult. Now, with laws like Bill C-16 what this does is it grants potential cults rights not afforded to other taxpayers, this sets a horrible precedent because what you then get are people who will join these groups to undermine our legal system.

Imagine for a second that an Islamic man under Sharia law had three wives but only 1 wive was his legal wife under Canadian law, could that Islamic mans other 2 sharia law wives collect Welfare? I’ll let you figure that one else for yourself. If a Pedophile identified as a gender nature didn’t make them, went into a bathroom and to spy on or touch children, maybe even to videotape children? what do you do with that if they’re under a protected status? As Canadians, we’re all supposed to be treated fairly under the law. Respect the rights of the individual regardless of who they are. No special privileges just because you identify as a minority.

This is why Maxime Bernier for myself is better for Canada long term than Trump is for America. Populist culture will die with Trump, Maxime is reminding Canadians of our rich DEBATE culture. Oddly enough as I’m writing this post-Maxime Bernier is being banned from the debate stage, he’s too small of a minority is what I’m being told. Because according to the majority Maxime Bernier doesn’t have a chance to win, he shouldn’t be allowed to participate. The NDP who prefer to keep people they don’t agree with silent would prefer not having to debate with Maxime Bernier. This is of course, a similar stance as the Chinese Communist Party or Extremist Islam. Speak out against our beliefs and you shall be silenced!

It’s a longer road ahead for Maxime Bernier than what Donald Trump had, however, I think Maxime Bernier brings more substance. Only time will tell hos success, but I see Maxime as the potentially Prime Minister of Canada in 2023.

Interesting times ahead.