Maxime Bernier Could Get 9 million Votes: All air travelers departing from Canadian airports will be required to be fully vaccinated by October 30, 2021–29% of Canadians are not FULLY Vaccinated – October 7, 2021,

Currently, around 76% of Canadians are partially vaccinated which I assume would make these partially-vaxxed individuals ideal candidates to be fully vaccinated, but still there remains over 24% of Canadians who haven’t been vaccinated and I suspect in the end these unvaccinated people will ultimately win this silly war Justin Trudeau is waging.

Currently, about 71% of Canadians are partially vaccinated so this leaves about 9+ million Canadians out of 38 million+ population who are not FULLY vaccinated that’s a huge chunk of the economy. Now, as expected Justin Trudeau has gone to war with Federally employed government workers and contractors, who now apparently have to be fully vaccinated which from an economics standpoint I’m not sure of what to make of that, because with the exception of the RCMP and law enforcement in general, most of the Federal workforce is a bit of a drag on the economy anyway, so that’s something I’ll leave alone because their paychecks are derived from the private sector, so economically I have no opinion on how Trudeau treats his minions.

I would be very happy if people from the CRA or CRTC decided to not show up to work(lol). I’d support both of those federal entities going on a permanent strike, I’m even opened to starting a go fund me to get these people not to work. Regarding Trudeau’s regulations on Air Travel… ‘meh’ all of this screams of Fascism, it’s like they’re building a Berlin wall and I think they’re attempting to do this primarily because Joe Biden is in the White House and he’s attempting similar measures in the United States.

9 million people having to go to extreme measures to travel is a pretty interesting number, I think after Trudeau gained some seats he might decide to call another election, well to people who claim Maxime Bernier only got 800,000 votes because of lockdowns, not being allowed to travel on PRIVATELY owned commercial airplanes because the Prime Minister has a hard-on for vaccinations is a reason to get angry.

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I don’t think anyone trusts Erin O’Toole, his flip-flopping on key issues makes him sound like a demon, and he did worse than Andrew Scheer in the last election and if Trudeau can make your life a living hell with a minority government, some Canadians might say what the hell, let’s give this Maxime Bernier character a go at it. Because at the very least Maxime Bernier will do what is necessary to win, he might even have to consider running in an Alberta riding.

I’d personally like to see the People’s Party of Canada crack 2 million votes, I’m a believer in playing the long game, I actually think playing the long game is far better than winning and then declining. Anyone voting for the People’s Party of Canada knows they have no chance of winning an election, which is why I think this 800,000+ votes could grow. But Justin Trudeau is doing a great job growing the People’s Party of Canada.

Trudeau might also be helping the U.S economy because the first thing unvaccinated Canadaisn are going to do is find out what U.S State allows air travel for unvaccinated people. Depending on how America handles federal vaccinations Canada may experience another major brain drain, it’s usually not a good idea to go to war with your own population. Events like these are usually DEFLATIONARY for the economy

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Interesting times ahead