The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Maxime Bernier and The PPC Continue To Dominate Erin O’Toole and The Conservatives on Social Media – September 5, 2021,

If Social media won elections, It appears the top two contenders would be the Liberal Party of Canada vs. The People’s Paty of Canada. The Liberal Party of Canada is very Justin Trudeau reliant, once Justin Trudeau is defeated, Canadians will actually realize who UNPOPULAR the Liberal Party of Canada is.

The “Trudeau” brand is very powerful in Canada and that’s at risk in the 2021 election, but what’s very interesting to observe is Erin O’Toole’s lack of popularity on social media. If Erin O’Toole were to beat Justin Trudeau I see it having the same effect as when Joe Biden beat Donald Trump, I’m sure it will come as a shock to many Liberal Party faithful that Erin O’Toole beat Justin Trudeau not so much because he’s the better candidate but because-similar to Donald Trump the people who hate Justin Trudeau really hate Justin Trudeau.

If you’re to believe that Joe Biden won the 2020 U.S elections LEGITIMATELY(which I don’t) then an argument could be made that Donald Trump’s opposition hated Trump so much that people who otherwise wouldn’t vote find the time to vote Donald Trump out of office and those voters didn’t care who it was, they were simply happy to get rid of Donald Trump.

That energy appears to be in Canada right now, Canadians who don’t like Justin Trudeau want him gone so much so that they’re willing to vote for someone they know little about. So Erin O’Toole by my estimations appears to be at the right place at the right time and this election is Erin O’Tooles to LOSE!

With that said, if social media is any indicator of the future Canadian politics, energy seems to be shifting towards the People’s Party of Canada. Unlike the Libertarian Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada have pushed enthusiasm into the Liberty Movement.

Maxime Bernier makes Liberty and Freedom seem like a possibility in Canada and that’s very powerful, Maxime Bernier is everywhere and he’s not afraid to work his behind off for your vote. When Maxime Bernier lost Beauce in 2019, it was clearly devastating, but Maxime Bernier didn’t give up, he’s been everywhere often speaking in English when his mother tongue is French spreading the Liberty message in a manner that aligns with modern Canadian laws.

I will never call Maxime Bernier perfect but I love his effort and so does Social media, Erin O’Toole is the beneficiary of the Conservative Party of Canada BRAND, which to be fair is more powerful than the Liberal Party of Canada brand.

Prior to Justin Trudeau, the last Federal Liberal Party was forced to engage in austerity measures in order to win back Canadians. The Liberal Party of Canada is heavily dependent on the “Trudeau” brand, without Trudeau they’re merely corporate welfare Party, they always have and always will be a corporate welfare Party, which is why the conservatives will usually be a formidable foe for the liberal Party of Canada.

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

The Reform Party was the main reason why the Liberals in the 1990s continued to win elections, now had the Reform Party not given up, they or the Conservatives would be the equivalent to the Right-Wing NDP in the modern era. But the Reform Party did give up and merged with the Conservatives which in the short run benefited The Conservatives but has now become disastrous as the “Trudeau” brand made a comeback.

Fortunately for both the PPC and The Conservatives, Justin Trudeau is nothing like his father, While Pierre Trudeau was more aligned with Corporatism, Justin Trudeau leans more towards modern Fascism-Communism. Pierre Trudeau was pro-freedom of speech, after all, Pierre Trudeau was a lawyer, Trudeau was willing to debate and often won debates, because of the inconsistencies of the TORIES.

Justin Trudeau on the other hand prefers to silence his opposition, the Liberals and Conservatives outside of the internet are very powerful brands in Canada and the Internet is destroying that leverage as ideas that were not mainstream ideas during Pierre Trudeau’s years are mainstream ideas in 2021.

Libertarians from a political standpoint will mark the end of both the Liberals and Tories if their ideas are allowed to spread. Jagmeet Singh of the NDP if you listen to him, appears to be the most terrified of the People’s Party of Canada, because Libertarians are rooted in CLASSIC Liberal ideals.

Classical Liberals are responsible for the separation of church and state, the modern Leftist wants the State to be the new Church, Libertarians bring back the notion of separating church from the state while equally pushing to shrink the role State has law-abiding people’s lives.

The notion of NATURAL LAW exists with most Libertarians, which oddly enough may strip most Leftist political Parties of the atheistic base. Most atheists often find it hard to replace the church with something, Libertarians fix that problem, the issue that I find when I’m dealing with atheists is that they’ve been brainwashed into believing GOVERNMENT KNOWS BEST, which basically means that most atheists assume that a collection of politicians are somehow smarter than they are?

When more and more atheists can conceptualize how Libertarian philosophies can help enrich their lives, it’s game over for the Left and as I like to point out, the liberals had to REBRAND themselves in the 1990s, the 1990s Liberals cut government spending? nobody can compare Paul Martin and Jean Chretiens Liberals to the disaster that is Justin Trudeau’s cabinet?

I’m not saying the Paul Martin and company weren’t corrupt, but Justin Trudeau is shown us a different level of corruption and the mere fact that there’s a possibility that Justin Trudeau might win the 2021 election should frighten you.

But humanity was meant to be free and POLITICAL flag-bearer of freedom in Canada currently resides with the People’s Party of Canada, who are currently dominating the Conservatives on Social Media.