Maximize Your Downline Review

This blog post is in response to this video below and a program called Maximize Your Downline. please excuse any grammatical errors thank you!

First and foremost i am not a fan of Multi Level marketing I don’t believe it helps anyone except the creators and the people at the top.

Secondly i highly recommend you read this wikpedia post about Network marketing just so you know what you are getting yourself into before signing up with Maximize Your Down line.

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In response to this video and to anyone getting into network marketing/ multi level marketing my advice is don’t believe the hype and never PAY to become somebodies door to door sales man. I used to work for an energy company a while back doing door to door sales the long hours sucked and the pay wasn’t that good.

As a salesperson our goal or i should say my goal was to become team leader how you would become team leader is to basically out preform your fellow sales people. The more sales you make the faster you become a team leader as well when people leave and new people come on board naturally those with more seniority move up to team leader or are given chances to become team leaders. You are then trained free of charged and start to recieve many benefits as well as overrides, from the people you trained. Notice i said trained and not “recruited”.

Working for this energy company it was never my job to recruit people that was human resources job a newspaper ad would be sent out people would sign up. If they were on my team it was my job to train them and train them well. that way whenever they got paid i would also get paid. Why? because remember door to door sales people work off only commission not an hourly wage so this is how team leaders would get paid plus we would get more money per sale if we choose to go out in the field for they day which we seldom ever did as team leaders.

Now i will explain to you what Network Marketing does. Multi level Marketing Companies are all about feeding the person at the top in the case of Maximize your downline that would good ole Kevin Trudeau you might want to research Kevin Trudeau give him a little google search you might notice one of the first things that pop up when you type his name into google is “Kevin Trudeau SCAM” just something you might want to look into.

Now Multi Level Marketing has this thing called downlines so basically once i sign you up you basically become my “beeeeyotch” for life. multi Level marketing is better described with a picture the picture below best describes Multi Level Marketing.

maximize your downline

maximize your downline

That being seen Multi Level Marketing helps the people that get in early. The people that find out about it later on are the ones that suffer and at that time these business structures usually begin there decline. Multi Level marketing is not illegal and although the structure does look like a pyramid legally it’s not considered one because Network Marketing companies usually have something for sale.

The Truth about Network Marketing

the truth with network marketing is well…. marketing! if you know how to sell you might find network marketing might pay more than a traditional sales job on the other hand with network marketing you have two jobs instead of one. Your main job when getting into Multi Level Marketing is RECRUITING if you don’t recruit there’s no point in joining and this is where allot of people like myself find network marketing to be so stupid.

In sales position you never pay to join, meaning you don’t pay the company to be their door to door salesman. Also as a sales person your job is not to recruit people there’s a separate department to do that. With Network marketing its the opposite way around you have to pay the company to become there door to door salesman and you have to recruit people in order to get a pay increase for the company. As well you are responsible for the success of your team which is very time consuming. remember in network marketing your salary is dependent on the success of your downline.

If you remove the downline portion of a network marketing business you’re left with an under paid door to door sales person. Who paid to work for a commission based job. If you follow me until this point this is where Multi level Marketing is exposed and why most people prefer to stay away from them. All the TIME and work you put into a Network marketing job could have easily been used to start your own business in which you could have made the rules and paid yourself.

When hear about Multi Level Marketing companies and the people who join them all i can do i shake my head, and say to myself what you don’t know will hurt you. Remove the word “Marketing” from Multi Level Marketing and all you have is a pyramid scheme.  None the less if Maximize your downline is something you want to get into best of luck.