Review – Is it a scam?

If you’ve been looking for paid survey opportunities, then you may have chance upon the website called Maximum Paid Surveys which you can find at The website is one of tons of websites out there offering money-making opportunities from paid surveys and mystery shopping. In its homepage, one could find a testimonial letter from someone who have tried it before and gained a lot of money out of it.

More about Maximum Paid Surveys

Compared to other paid survey opportunities, this one from Maximum Paid Surveys is not free. You need to sign up for a fee over $30. Aside from that, you need to fill out the form which basically asks for your contact details. Once you’ve registered, you will be given access to surveys with a payout higher than what others could offer. It claims that you could earn as much as $50 for every survey, $250 for joining focus groups, $150 for trying out restaurants, movies, etc., and $25 for trying out new products.

Paid surveys are companies’ way of doing market research. They partner with market research companies to pay you to get consumer information. Thus, it’s a warning sign if the market research company asks for your payment because it should be the other way around.

Final thoughts on

There are several warning signs that Maximum Paid Surveys could end up more of a scam than a legit money-making site: one, it asks for membership pay and second, its payout is too good to be true. Basically, this type of opportunity doesn’t pay much. This is why many consider this as just a side gig and not something that could replace their full-time job.

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