The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Mayor of Windsor Drew Dilkens, Ontario Superior Court Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz, and Premier of Ontario Doug Ford Get Stuck Doing Justin Trudeau’s dirty work – Windsor police begin clearing out Ambassador Bridge convoy protestors – February 12, 2022,

If you’ve ever listened to Justin Trudeau debate, he’s made it a habit not to answer questions directly, this works well when he speaks with other politicians who in a controlled environment have at most only a few minutes to ask the current PM a question or two, but in the real world, this tactic doesn’t work. We’ve seen Trudeau on the bully pulpit before, going as far as telling war veterans that his government doesn’t have any money to give them, only for his government to find money to give to lobbyist groups his government likes a few months later.

Anyway, buying time is what Trudeau was waiting for all along and the Ontario Superior Court Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz answered Trudeau’s prayers,

“The activities that are the subject of this injunction, the freedom that those want directly results in the denial of freedom to others in society. The direct denial of their freedom to work. The direct denial of their freedom to cross and to move goods and services across the bridge,” Ontario Superior Court Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz said before delivering his ruling.

Windsor police begin clearing out Ambassador Bridge convoy protestors |

Doug Ford a champion for supply management and never claiming to be a Freedom fighter announced a state of emergency in Ontario and then, of course, the mayor of Windsor went on to send in the police. So a I’m writing this, I’m reading that the protestors are being removed, oddly enough a family member of mine who is NOT part of the protests is stuck at this very border crossing. He doesn’t own his own truck, he works for a company like almost everyone in my family is vaccinated by stands with the protestors.

I bring this up, because this is a very interesting event in Canadian history. Currently the potential future Prime Minister of this country Pierre Poilievre has been outspoken for his support of the “Freedom Convoy”. There has obviously been an effort by Canada’s Left-Wing media to frame the ‘Freedom Convoy” as racists and other things, but, you see this Freedom Convoy story is INTERNATIONAL News meaning that the Canadian media has lost control of the narrative.

Police in riot gear block trucker protest area on US-Canada border | abcnews

As is the case with other protests, the observer can come to their own conclusion, based on the evidence presented. Now, that the force of government is being used to end the Freedom Convoy, people can come to their own conclusions. In regards to the Canadian political climate, the Conservative Party of Canada if it wants to can screw over Pierre Poilievre, but you see Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada are becoming more and more viable as the years go on.

‘This could cost him his job’: A blockaded Canada turning on Trudeau, poll finds |

As Freedom Convoy marks its second week entrenched in the Canadian capital, a new poll is providing some of the clearest evidence yet that this affair could end up dealing a catastrophic blow to the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

So if let’s say Pierre Poilievre doesn’t lead the Conservative Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier’s 800,000+ votes might balloon into 2 million votes. I’m pretty sure Pierre Poilievre has done the math that his Party is going to have to head in the direction that Maxime Bernier wanted the Conservatives to go to in the first place. What does this ultimately mean? It equates to a change in Canadian media, you have to understand that it’s the role of the opposition to show the contrast between themselves and the ruling Party.

The Conservative Party instead of showing how different they are from Justin Trudeau, in the last 2 elections, attempted to show how similar they were to Justin Trudeau. When the Conservative Party does this it obviously empowers Justin Trudeau to be more tyrannical, Trudeau has been governing like he has a majority for a reason, the Conservative Party has become intellectually bankrupt and it’s for this reason, the mainstream media in Canada, has comfortably moved further to Left.

Will the push back against finally start happening in Canada? I’m not sure, but one thing is for sure the Conservatives recognize the economic impacts of Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical rule, which is why you’ve seen some Premiers in Canada lift mandates. You have to remember that a lot of working-class people can DECREASE their spending or in general change their economic behavior, the trucker protest was a loud protest, the last thing any politician wants is a SILENT protest.

Ontario as many of us heard already had a decrease in its population size in 2021, that’s typically how silent protests occur, you don’t like us? We leave. There are a lot of beautiful places on the earth that were destroyed by bad political decisions.

Windsor police begin clearing out Ambassador Bridge convoy protestors |

Interesting times ahead!