Medi Fast of is a weight loss plan that caters to the needs of both men and women who are struggling with their weight problems. This weight loss plan involves the provision of 5 MediFast meals everyday, where each meal is scientifically formulated with 24 vitamins and minerals to keep one full and satisfied. MediFast claims that through them, you could lose as much as 2-5lbs every week.

How it works?

This weight loss plan from MediFast involves 5 steps. The first step is to choose your meal plan. MediFast meals are low fat and low in glycemic index. Their meals are suitable for those with type 2 diabetes and for those with gluten sensitivity. They also have meals that cater to the needs of vegetarians, teens, seniors, nursing mothers, and even those who have undergone bariatric surgery.

The second step in the program involves choosing your support system. By signing up with MediFast, you can obtain support from their online support community, the MyMediFast, Health Coach, and even from their physicians. After choosing your meals and support system, you can then start ordering meals from MediFast. You can choose from their specially priced packages or you can pick your own favorites. They also have good offers allowing you to eat healthy and fat-burning meals for just $11/day.

The fourth step of the program involves eating healthy and tracking your progress. MediFast weight loss plan requires you to eat 6 times a day, once every 2-3 hours. And on the fifth and final step, MediFast will help you lose those extra pounds forever using their comprehensive and multi-focal approach.

Final thoughts on

The weight loss plan of MediFast is one of the most comprehensive plans out there. Although it only focuses on food, which is basically an important element for gaining and losing weight, it is still a good weight loss plan since it allows members to keep track of their progress, stay motivated to lose weight, and help in achieving long-term fitness goals.

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