Meet Ella – Singapore’s First Coffee Pouring Robot: Labor Union efforts are happening at Starbucks and other wage professions as Consumer Price Inflation Rages On – August 28, 2022,

In 2011 Uber’s services and mobile app launched PUBLICALLY in San Francisco in the year 2011, it started around 2010, but the ride-sharing APP, soon became a serious threat to the taxi cab monopolists, which in the modern era is a business model that in many ways requires government protections in order to monopolize their form of transportation.

I remember being in a bank in Canada, and a Chinese woman ANNOYED by the SLOW service, kept saying to me; these lazy women are lucky this is not China, because they would all be fired; this bank is inefficient; the woman claimed using various English sentences repeatedly. In Canada, as an example, a lot of employed people have become accustomed to above-market wages for subpar work.

In most countries all over the world, the people work twice as hard with no job security, with 1/10 the pay in most instances. However, in most countries, THE COST OF LIVING is a lot lower because there are more market fundamentals driving down prices, which does include price/wage controls. Unfortunately, in Western countries, and I’ve been writing about this for a long time, wage earners have been making artificially high wages dating back to the early 1990s.

Unfortunately for wage earners, a lot of VOTERS have been voting to grow the size of the government; a lot of people imagine voting for a Big Government is FREE; people tend to ignore that when a politician says they’re going to tax the rich, that the money government people are trying to get from the rich, won’t be used to make voters lives better, the money, for the most part, will be used to FATTEN the paychecks of Federal, State/Provincial and municipal PUBLIC SERVANTS.

Because politics is mostly an EMOTIONAL plea, you tell a VOTER that believes in Big Government that they’re not going to get much benefit for voting for higher taxes, and they’ll still vote for Big government anyway because maybe the politician promises them higher wages if they win. It’s not like the average voter is going to read a Ludwig Von Mises book anytime soon and even if they did, they have the option to reject what’s being taught.

I bring this up because what should NOT be ignored is this labor union movement, which will CERTIFY consumer price inflation. For some people in Western countries, they’re still imagining current price inflation numbers as TRANSITORY, some people imagine consumer prices coming back down one day, but anyone who knows anything about price controls knows that wage controls WILL NOT ALLOW inflation to be transitory because wage controls are a FIXED cost of labor and once that cost is FIXED, even if energy prices come down in the future, it will be ILLEGAL to lower the wage rate.

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Once you comprehend that FORCED higher wages might be coming to the Western world AGAIN, it should be easier for you to visualize what the future looks like. Now, obviously, I pointed to the automation, and obviously, I point to potential downsized or higher prices being a FIXTURE in western society, but ignored in all of this will be the LOWER standard of living.

Because, at the very least, Starbucks can replace humans with automation, some businesses CAN NOT replace humans with automation, and if consumers are UNWILLING to pay higher prices in Western nations, either we will experience more SHORTAGES or more OUTSOURCING. Most U.S and Canadian manufacturing companies DID NOT want to leave. However, wages became too high for these manufacturers to make a profit, and other government regulations made their business models too risky.

When most people think about minimum wages, they think about the money; when I think about minimum wages, I think about more people NEVER having a REAL job and therefore having a TWISTED, entitled view of the war. A government pay raise is shielding you from the real world; when people in third world nations are doing jobs, the domestic population is UNWILLING to do; it’s usually a sign of a civilization on the decline.

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Minimum wage laws are people trying to use the force of government to shield them from the realities of the world; sounds good until the job you feel entitled to no longer exists or exists in a way that may threaten your job security. On the consumer side, people may indeed stop patronizing a business if its prices are too high.

This is, ofcourse, a recessionary indicator, and eventually, people will forget that the root cause of this madnesses stems from the Left Wing progressive agenda to phase out fossil fuels. Now, why are we in a place in the world in which people assume phasing out fossil fuels won’t have any consequences? The answer is simple, there have been prior PROGRESSIVE agendas; in the United States, there was the New Deal, sure everyone knows social security is bankrupt, but allow me to continue; in Canada, there is a communist-style health care system as well as a communist-style supply management system for poultry and dairy.

Because of the creation and ACCEPTANCE of fiat money GLOBALLY, these systems have been able to survive; in the United States, let’s never forget about “The Great Society.” If you’re like me and understand that most Left wing agendas have FAILED and couldn’t be serviced without the current fiat monetary system, you can see with absolute certainty that the global economy is on the verge of COLLAPSE, however if you still have the belief that Big Government is omnipotent, what you’ll imagine are some MINOR challenges that the central planners will eventually figure out.

Socrates warned us about Democracy, and I personally don’t like to blame everything on CENTRAL BANKS because the truth is the problem is we, the people; we’re the root cause of the world we’re experiencing, how people are voting, who they’re voting for, the initiatives they support, it’s hard for most people to imagine economic collapse, because they’ve never experienced one before.

Why is modern WESTERN society on the verge of economic collapse? What makes us different from society in the past? Well, a few things, first and foremost are our DWINDLING MANUFACTURING capabilities; money aside, doing a 9-5 job is about DISCIPLINE; I don’t care how tough or demanding the employer is; humans need discipline.

Making matters worse are the lies coming from the government; I used to, as an example, trust government data, but I can’t do that anymore; in the United States, they redefined recession. However, the problem is way worse than that; they’re lumping public and private sector jobs together and selling them to the public as all jobs are EQUAL.

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Becoming a service sector economy is a SERIOUS problem; we’re talking about entire generations of Western people never seeing the process of seeing something being made from scratch. When you can’t make the correlation between DOMESTIC manufacturing and being reliant on imports, you can see why some will assume that phasing out fossil fuels isn’t that big a deal, when it threatens our way of life.

In regards to Starbucks and their labor union hopes, it could happen, in fact, a labor union could happen, and the end result of these movements is unclear; what is clear is that the STANDARD of living for most people will decline TREMENDOUSLY if government via the people continue on the current path they’re going.

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Interesting times ahead!