Review – Is it a scam?

Mega Red Packet of is a website that offers another money-making opportunity. It has been created by online marketers Vince Tan, Edmund Loh, and Stephen Luc. These people are reputable online marketers. The business opportunity being offered in the website is owning your own business franchise.

More about Mega Red Packet

One of the things that make Mega Red Packet appealing to the people is its offer to members which is on owning a business franchise and having their own membership site in relation to it. Although it still needs to be put up under the domain and server of the member, it allows one to own his/her own business.

The business concept offered by Mega Red Packet is more on like a ‘plug and play.’ You simply have to purchase its package and you could go and run the business. However, you need to know that the price for their packages isn’t cheap. You will be offered several payment options including the installment payment plan.

Final thoughts on

Although the concept is like a ‘plug and play’, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work hard once you purchase its packages. Mega Red Packet business package works the same way as with other businesses. You need to work hard for it to bear profit.

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