Review – Is it a scam?

Melaleuca, which you can find at, is a wellness company. It offers a business opportunity for anyone who’s willing to work hard to promote and sell its products. It has been existing for years now, selling products that keep you and your home healthy without exposing you to unnecessary toxic chemicals. At current, Melaleuca has a large network of independent representatives all over the globe.

More about Melaleuca

Melaleuca offers a wide range of products, covering several areas. Some of these include herbal supplements for both children and adults, natural and hypo-allergenic beauty products, over-the-counter medications, and home cleaning products.

By signing up in Melaleuca as an independent representative, you wouldn’t carry a large inventory on your own. You are only required to purchase a minimum amount of products each month for yourself. Also, you will be provided with a website for promoting the products. You will be earning commissions from people you refer and from the products they sell.

Final thoughts on

Multi-level marketing is a legit money-making opportunity. Those who made it big in the industry were not able to do it simply by signing up and letting their affiliate website work for them. It works the same way with Melaleuca. You have to work hard not just in selling products but as well in recruiting people into your downline.

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