Merck’s antiviral pill for COVID-19 is the first at-home treatment cleared for use by the FDA – September 2, 2021,

For people following the corporate welfare and Government misinformation associated with Covid-19, none of us are surprised by this Merck pill, because Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as we all know has been used by thousands of people to treat Covid-19 and it’s worked, but the mistake people like former U.S President Donald Trump and Joe Rogan made was talking out loud, I hope people now understand why the rich and powerful in the past kept quiet about things.

The greediest people in the world aren’t usually the people you’d expect, usually, the greedy people are the people claiming they want to help you. Government and the entities the government employs want complete control over the narrative, and nothing pays like a government contract, so in the event, the government takes its marching orders from particular medical corporations… I think you get point.

This is nothing new by the way, what’s new is the internet during a pandemic having the ability to take the narrative away from the central powers. Almost every disease has alternative cures, but if the government or the central authority over your life loses control of the narrative, the representatives of the government/central power are soon imagined to be idiots or unreliable by the people they claim to want to help.

Adding fuel to the fire politicians in the Western World are now becoming multi-millionaires during and after leaving politics for providing corporate welfare to the entities they prop up during their periods in power. This is now in the open, Al Gore, Barack Obama these men made the bulk of their wealth getting the government to provide corporate welfare to certain corporations, and now these men both sell books and get money in a plethora of ways like speaking fees, to peddle influence for particular industries or ideologies.

Anyway, Merck had their first at-home treatment cleared for use by the FDA, and of course, the price of this pill is going to be artificially inflated because that’s what this lockdown nonsense was all about the whole time. If as an example word spreads that hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin companies like Merck would be missing out on a whole bunch of NEW government contracts.

I’ve been arguing for over a year that medical professionals do not differentiate between ever-evolving influenza and COVID-19. Influenza never stopped mutating which is why there used to be an annual flu shot and since the government was given the powers to propagandize Covid-19, influenza apparently disappeared, or the cases drastically declined? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if influenza made a comeback after corporate-government medically approved pills for COVID-19 became the norm and common influenza medications were soon replaced with more expensive Covid-19-flu medications in the future.

This is one of the reasons I believe these government-corporate partnerships have made it their mission to terrify and terrorize people with an alternative view on the subject. Anyway, I’m not a medical professional so make sure you get your advice from a medical professional or someone you trust.


How Merck’s antiviral pill could change the game for COVID-19 |
Promising results from clinical trials suggest that the drug may become the first at-home treatment cleared for use by the FDA.

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