Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Michael Taube of National Post Says Pierre Poilievre is the obvious choice to lead Conservatives if O’Toole booted – I agree but does he want the job? (Perfectly Bland Campaign) – February 2, 2022,

In comparison to Maxime Bernier, Pierre Poilievre is rather bland and could be exactly what the doctor ordered for the Conservative Party of Canada. Pierre Poilievre is already Justin Trudeau’s worst nightmare, I mean the campaign ads, for Pierre Poilievre are already finished, Pierre could actually go on vacation while his campaign ads are plastered all of the media and the best thing about Pierre Poilievre is that he’s remained LOYAL to the party, not pushing his own personal agenda, instead, playing the waiting game.

If I’m to be honest, I think Maxime Bernier was right to leave the Conservative Party, he loves Liberty too much, Pierre Poilievre on the other hand, loves what Canada is and what Canada could be. To date, I haven’t seen Pierre Poilievre on an ego trip, his Youtube videos are by no means clickbait, sometimes I’ll see a Pierre Poilievre youtube video and there will be no marketing behind it, a simple bland title and “let err rip”.

Pierre Poilievre has a cult following, Canada loves the guy, Americans who find out about him, love him, he humiliates Justin Trudeau, not with grandstanding but with facts. More importantly, however, Pierre Poilievre is BLAND! Stephen Harper bland, no unnecessary bells and whistles no unnecessary words, get the job done! Pierre Poilievre is a patriot! and quite frankly, he’s the type of Candidate that might tug at people’s moral heartstrings, meaning he might be the type of candidate who makes people not show up at the ballot box for Justin Trudeau because Pierre Poilievre doesn’t seem like a bad choice.

Pierre Poilievre fighting off of the back foot – Pierre Poilievre on defense

How does Pierre Poilievre sound when he’s on defense? When the NDP, Quebecois, and Liberals start attacking him during debates, how will Pierre Poilievre respond? This is something, I’m eager to find out. I have no clue, I’ve mostly seen Pierre Poilievre on offense, I haven’t seen him on defense, but thanks to Justin Trudeau, we have Conservatives have a great blueprint as to what to do when attacked.

When Justin Trudeau is attacked, he pivots, changes the subject as soon as possible, let’s stop pretending Justin Trudeau isn’t a great debater, immoral, tyrannical, yes that’s my current Prime minister but he during LIVE debates, similar to his father, Justin Trudeau, on the defensive is a site to behold in both English and french.

Pierre Poilievre can be a bit of a pitbull on offense, but on defense, Canadian politicians are faced with the reality that Canadians have been forced fed a narrative and regardless of the morals attached to that narrative it will be hard to change minds in sound bites. Personally, I don’t think Pierre Poilievre should worry as much about debates, his support is already there, people will come out for him, the only question is will more people in Ontario and Quebec come out for Justin Trudeau?

I can’t answer that question, but based on the numbers, Andrew Scheer would have beaten Justin Trudeau in 2021 Erin O’Toole shot himself in the foot several times, that election was there for the taking, but on KEY issues, Erin O’Toole came across as a TYRANT and nothing spooks Conservative and independents more than tyrannical behavior from a Conservative politician. O’Toole came across as a person who you should let your guard down against.

Initially, O’Toole appeared to have it together, then the subject of guns came up, climate change, feminism, the economy, O’Toole opened his mouth and what sounded like tyranny came out. Pierre Poilievre doesn’t have that problem, but I don’t know what Pierre Poilievre as leader of the CPC looks like? I know he will have a lot of support, but I’m curious to know how he will sound as leader of the Party? I think Pierre Poilievre will generate the most money in party history.

Bland works in Canada, Stephen Harper was Bland, but what Stephen Harper did, that I think Pierre Poilievre should consider is making his campaign all about lowering the cost of living for Canadians. I don’t think Pierre Poilievre should attempt to be strong in areas in which he’s weak, “it’s the economy, stupid” I’m going to lower your bills, I’m going to cut taxes.

Pierre Poilievre should do things his way, try and become Prime Minister his way and Pierre Poilievre should not be afraid to GROW into the role of Prime Minister. He has maybe 3 years, I don’t think Justin Trudeau will want to call an early election, because even if Pierre Poilievre loses, the first time, similar to Harper there will be a demand for Pierre Poilievre to run again.

Whether they like him or not, Conservatives are getting comfortable saying that Justin Trudeau is tough to beat, I personally believe that the CPC will allow Pierre Poilievre to grow into the role, something the party was unwilling to do with Andrew Scheer or Erin O’Toole. With that said Pierre Poilievre has possibly up to 5 years to look and sound like the future Prime Minister of Canada.

Michael Taube: Pierre Poilievre is obvious choice to lead Conservatives if O’Toole booted |

Interesting times ahead!