Review – Is it a scam?

If you’re a plumber and would like to turn your service into a business, then you may want to check out Millionaire Plumber of This was started by a man named Paul Brackley who has been in the plumbing industry for over 27 years. Brackley started as a typical service man but eventually grow it into a business. He started the site as many of his friends are asking him how he did it.

More about Millionaire Plumber

Trading hours for money is not a smart way to grow your wealth. Remember, you only have limited time. No matter how hard you work, the amount you will earn still depends on the number of hours you’ve worked. Brackley did the smart option by turning his service into a product.

When you check out Millionaire Plumber, it’s not clear if Brackley offers free membership or if his offer is just for building his email list. In the site, he offers a 5-part mini course which will teach you all you need to know to start a plumbing business.

Final thoughts on

The free course offered by Brackley in his site seems like a way to grow his email list. You can give it a try if you’re  interested in starting a plumbing business. If you don’t want to receive any other offer from him in your personal email, you can sign up for his 5-part mini course using a different email address.

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