Mingles.com Review

Mingles of Mingles.com is an online dating site. It used to offer both free and paid (premium) membership but at present, it only has free membership to offer as it has partnered with third party retailer.

Members of this dating site could create their own profile, upload their own photos, search for other members within their locale, browse other members’ profiles and photos, wink at other members for free, email other members using the site’s internal e-mail system, join public and private chat rooms, send private messages to members in chat rooms, and hotlist or blocklist members.

The Flaws of Mingles.com

The features of Mingles.com are the typical ones that you could find in other online dating sites. However, what bothers most of the members and prospective members of the site is not its lack of cool features but its partnership with a third party retailer. With this partnership, you will only be able to get free membership in the site if you sign up for the third party monthly subscription service and get billed until the service is cancelled (not in your terms but theirs). This is clearly a win-lose situation.

Aside from this third party partnership, other flaws that can be seen in Mingles include its heavy advertising and redirecting of members and the low percentage of active members, a factor that would greatly affect your chance of finding a date.

Final thoughts on Mingles.com

With the way it works, Mingles.com doesn’t seem to be the best place for people who are serious on finding a match. Aside from its poor policy on third party partnership and membership, it has a few number of active members which makes the whole idea of joining a dating site pointless.

My personal favorite dating site is Match.com because they’re so mainstream. You’ll find a lot more people joining them daily which will drastically increase your chances of finding that special someone.

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