Review – Is it a scam?

Mint Vine of is a market research company that claims that they offer a fun way for people to earn money simply by sharing their opinion. Unlike other market research companies, signing up in is completely free of charge. All you need to have to join this money-making opportunity is an active e-mail address.

More about Mint Vine

In order for you to finalize your membership in the website, you will have to answer the questionnaire. In it includes eight questions that will determine your interests and demographics. Once you’ve done this, the company will be sending you survey questions in your e-mail address.

Market research companies are paid by their partner companies in order to find out the opinion of consumers. They, in turn, will use this to come up with a better product or service or completely come up with a brand new one. These market research companies should not asking you to pay them because it should be the other way around.

Final thoughts on

The good thing about is that it doesn’t ask you for a membership fee, which is actually what market research companies should be. Also, their minimum requirement for payout is $10 or equivalent to 1,000 points. This is lower compared to others that are requiring $20-$25. One thing you should take in mind is to follow their instructions carefully so as not to be charged with fees that you shouldn’t be paying on the first place.

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