MLMLeadSystemPRO Review Is It a Scam


Before getting into Multi level marketing or Network Marketing it’s a good idea in my opinion Not to spend the last little bit of money you have to get started. It can be quite costly to operate a profitable MLM business especially online and although you might make money you also have to factor in the amount of time it takes you to make this money as well has how much it is costing you to make this money. Making money online with a business system is not as easy and people claim it is. If it was easy they wouldn’t have to SELL it you.

My Personal Feelings About Multi level Marketing/Network Marketing

My main problem with network marketing especially online Multi level marketing systems is that you have to pay first before you can sign up. Plus you have to pay them a monthly fee to SELL their system. The fee from my understanding is just so you can plug into the system. You haven’t even gotten into marketing and advertising aspect of the business and you are already giving out money. In my opinion that is not smart business looking at this from a consumers perspective

Then once you are a member your job is to sell the system or sell simular systems to other people who are in simular situations like you are in. That kind of sounds like a pyramid scheme to me but that’s just me you might see it differently. In my view this is where MLM’s start to sound stupid. When you sign up to the seven figure master mind team you have to pay a monthly fee on top of this you are responsible for selling the MLMLeadSystemPRO® (MLSP®) system to other people, maybe in simular or the same fashion it was sold or being sold to you. Which brings me to my next point…

Why would you Pay someone to become their Affiliate???

When I see things like MLMLeadSystemPRO® (MLSP®) I can’t help but think most of the people that sign up to these things are desperate, and may not be thinking in the right frame of mind. Why??? Because i could never imagine paying somebody just so i can be their online door to door sales man. In case you didn’t know becoming a affiliate online is completely free and starting and building a website can cost you as little as $15 for an entire year. Also learning how to drive traffic to your website can be learned for free. Many times the only thing you need to know how to do in order to make money online is to learn how to drive targeted traffic to your website(s). When it’s all said and done that’s how you make money online. I could have the best product online but if nobody knows about it i won’t make a cent. This is another reason i don’t like online business systems to me you’re just making the rich online guru guy RICHER…

On the the other hand many people join online MLM’s such as to avoid learning internet marketing, or avoid building their own online empire. If that’s you than maybe a MLM system is what you need. Personally I find by cutting corners you are preventing the inevitable anyway which is learning internet marketing but then again this only my opinion and i’m sure an MLM recruit would have something to counter my statement so do what you want to do i only wrote this post to give you information.

Also it’s a good idea to read the disclaimer before joining which states the following.

INCOME DISCLAIMER: MLMLeadSystemPRO® (MLSP®) is an education company and marketing platform, not an income opportunity. Some of our customers are also affiliates and earn commissions by referring other people to our products and services. These claims are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical of average MLSP users or average participants in any other business to which the MLSP program may be applied. Some users will make NO MONEY AT ALL with this program. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.

That being said although I personally don’t recommend this route to making money online MLM Lead System Pro is not a scam and i wish you all the best in whatever decision you make good luck to you.

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