The Model Diet Plan, which you can find at, is a free to use website that offers tips and tricks on how you could lose weight. Compared to other self-acclaimed diet websites, the Model Diet Plan has resources that come directly from the models that you might have seen on TV or on print ads. The tips and tricks on weight loss provided by the website are said to have been applied by models themselves.

More about the Model Diet Plan

By signing up with the Model Diet Plan, you will be immediately granted access to their diet tips which include those from famous celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah, and many more. Plus, you’ll get to learn on how to boost your metabolism and on how to stay healthy even when eating out with friends and family. Another good thing about the Model Diet Plan is that it understands the instances of dieters to crave. Thus, it has additional tips, again from models and celebrities, on how to deal with these cravings.

As with the fitness element, it doesn’t have a specific fitness program but it has tools to help one stay fit. It provides exercise tips from celebrities and models including Reese Whitherspoon, Britney, Fergie, and more. It also has these online tools to keep you motivated on being physically active. These tools include the weight loss, BMI, and activity calculator.

Final thoughts on the

It may not be offering specific diet and fitness plans and it may not have doctors to back up its tips and advice but then, for a website ┬áthat’s equipped with tons of helpful information and tools, all for free, it’s already a good steal. If you’re looking for a good website to help you get a good start in losing weight, then may help you out.

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