How to make money online dropshipping on eBay

If you want to know how to make money drop shipping on eBay it’s actually quite easy the only problem you want to avoid is having you’re customers or your potential customer forget about you or your business. So if you get into drop shipping on eBay I highly recommend having a name or brand that stays in peoples mind. Sometimes having a ridiculous brand name is what you need. Another thing to remember is that good customers prefer dealing with someone they trust over anything so operating your business this way is highly recommended.

eBay stores and Dropshipping

When you have an eBay store I recommend being nice to your customers and honest with your customers at all times yes even if you’re customers are straight up a-holes be nice have the highest level of customer service and thank them for their business.

Just like how you and I have our own individual personal problems so will your customers as long as you follow the rules of eBay you have nothing to worry. Another thing I recommend is don’t let negative feedback effect you and your performance continue doing your best if you receive negative feedback send back a rebuttal so potential customers can see that you care.

Last words on making money dropshipping on eBay

Finally if you want to make money online drop-shipping you need to have a reliable drop shipping directory. The best most cost effective drop ship resource is the Salehoo website Salehoo is a directory of legitimate wholesalers that get rated by real people making real money on eBay. There is no need to sell people on the Salehoo website it sells itself if you want to make money online drop shipping I highly recommend that you start there.

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